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Walking Video Part 1
Walking Video Part 2



Pedometers - Walking For Exercise

Walking for exercise is the simplest, yet most effective aerobic work out you could ever do. It requires minimum effort but produces great results.

If you have chosen walking for exercise to get back in shape, then a pedometer is a good investment because it will keep track of how many steps you are actually taking.

Pedometers, also known as step counters, are nifty little gadgets for counting how many steps you take during the course of your day.

Whether you intend to go hiking, rambling, jogging or walking for exercise your trusty pedometer will count every single step you take.

Walking for exercise requires continual movement of muscles, and burns fat. Muscle movements require energy and the energy that muscles consume usually comes from stored fat cells.

So if you keep walking and keep moving your muscles, you will constantly burn fat cells.

Take a look at these two Walking for Exercise Videos:

Walking Part 1: Start Quick & Easy

Walking Part 2: Burn Fat & Back It Down


Remember that pedometers are designed for step counting, so if you are going to look for pedometers, accuracy on this function must be your highest consideration.

You can also use a pedometer to count aerobic steps and some pedometers count the number of calories you are burning too.

You can wear a pedometer around your neck, in your pocket or even pop it in your handbag, although some cheaper pedometers only work if they’re worn horizontal to the ground i.e. strapped to your shoe or clipped to a belt.


Omron Walking Style II Pedometer

It’s worth investing in a goody quality pedometer to ensure accuracy.

The Omron Walking Style III Pedometer records steps, aerobic steps, distance (km), calories, fat burned and current time.

It comes with a belt clip, but also works in your pocket or your handbag.

Other features include four-second filter, seven day memory and battery-saving mode.

Prices start from just £13.64 and you can buy one from

Omron Walking Style III Pedometer

Omron Walking Style III Pedometer


Benefits of Using Pedometers When Walking For Exercise

To get the most benefit from using a pedometer you should wear it all day long. This will help you track your total activity throughout the day.

Studies have shown that short periods of walking for exercise have the same cumulative effect as one longer session. This means you don't have to set aside a dedicated amount of exercise time, you can get the benefits of exercise throughout the entire day.

Set yourself daily or weekly step targets. First wear your pedometer for a few days a see how many steps you usually take during the day and then set yourself reasonable targets to reach.

You don’t have to make the recommended 10,000 steps a day right from the word go, but you will be able to see how much you have to increase your daily activity over the next few weeks.

Increase your number of daily steps by using your pedometer to count the steps for you while you are walking for exercise.

Walking at a pace of one step per second (quite slow) it would take you between 2½ to 3 hours to reach a target of 10,000 steps. Obviously if you walk faster at 2 steps per second (energetic walk) then it will only take half the amount of time approximately 1½ hours.

If you sit down for long periods at a time at work or at home you need to compensate by walking at regular intervals throughout your day.

You could walk to work, take a walk in your lunch hour and walk home after work. If it's too far for you to walk to work, then either park your car some distance away or get off the bus one stop earlier.

Another option is to watch and join in with Walking Video Part 1: Start Quick & Easy and Walking Video Part 2: Burn Fat & Back It Down. This is a fun way to exercise and you will be burning fat and toning up at the same time.

Or you could go for a long walk in the evening or take the dog out for a walk.

Whenever you have an option you should choose to walk. Take the stairs instead of the lift, park your car further away so you have to walk or leave the car at home.

Using a pedometer will make you aware of how many steps you are taking each day and keep you focused on walking for exercise.

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Walking Video Part 1
Walking Video Part 2

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