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Acai Berry - The Natural Energizer
Acai Berry - No 1 Superfood



Acai Berry & Its Anti-Aging Properties

By Vinny Retnavel

Acai is a fruit found in the Brazilian rainforests. Quite recently, acai came into the limelight after a host of health and research organizations found out about the unique anti-aging and anti-oxidant properties.

Studies show that Acai is rich in antioxidants and has the most concentrated percentage of the same such as anthocyanins and omega fatty acids. These antioxidants help in reducing cholesterol levels in blood, and also gets rid of free radicals in the body.

We all know that increased cholesterol levels in body leads to heart diseases, not to mention the effect of diabetics. But what still needs to sink in is its anti-aging effects.

Our human body is home to millions of reactions on a daily basis, and the bi-products of these reactions are called "free radicals". There are two main reactions that happen within a human body, the death of old cells, and the birth of new cells. It is a natural phenomenon, and no one can possibly control the birth and death of cells. It is the way in which these cells die that makes the difference.

There are two ways in which a cell can die, the Apoptisis and Nercosis. We don't need to go into the biological or chemical details, but Apoptisis is a form of destruction of cells without leaving any bi-products and Necrosis is a reaction which leaves behind free radicals as bi-products. These free radicals are responsible for reacting with healthy living cells in our body, which in turn affect our cell composition and causes the modern day diseases such as high cholesterol levels, diabetics, cancer, and even aging.

Free radicals gradually makes our body toxic due to the increased amount of unwanted reactions, releasing still larger amounts of ions and the reaction can be considered as exponential. More reactions mean more free compounds and this means accelerated aging process.

So, if we can slow down the aging process, is it possible to stay healthy and fit? Of course, it is possible. Once we find a way to eradicate these free radicals, our proteins and blood cells live longer, and we can put a gentle brake on the aging process.

This is what Acai does exactly. With its anti-oxidant properties, it prevents the incomplete destruction of cells, thereby reducing the effects of aging completely.

Acai is also known to have polypherols, which is considered to be instrumental in treating cancer. This can also alternatively improve your immunity and better immune system means less chance of viral attacks such as cold.

Amazing, isn't it, how one berry is taking on the entire world by storm with its various health benefits? It has been found out that Acai should be consumed within minutes of plucking from the tree, or else, all the anti-oxidants get oxidized in the presence of oxygen.

Even better, tests have shown that freeze dried Acai Berry can maintain their anti-oxidant properties and have a higher ORAC value, enabling it to be stored for a longer amount of time. This helps in transportation without losing its antioxidant values.

Doctors Best Acai Extract, 120Vc, 500 Mg

To know more about acai and it's anti aging properties, please visit

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