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Acai Berry - The Number 1 Superfood

By Larry Scott

A special palm tree in Brazils Amazon rainforest produces one of the most powerful and nutritious foods in the world - the high-energy Acai berry. It is widely acknowledged to be one of the richest sources of antioxidants of any fruit known to man.

Underlying its deep purple color are antioxidants, essential fatty acids and amino acids that your body hungers for. The berry has 10 times more antioxidant power than red grapes which are believed to help combat premature aging. The berries also contain other elements that promote better cardiovascular and digestive health.

These berries contain large amounts of protein and fiber, and also have omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids. These omega fatty acids have been studied for years as a way to protect the heart from damage, and they may be able to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood, providing possible protection from heart attacks, strokes and other common cardiovascular complications.

In addition to promoting better cardiovascular health, this superfood promotes greater stamina, improved digestion, sharper mental focus, better sleep, improved sex drive, stronger immune system, fights cancer cells, attacks premature aging and promotes younger and healthier looking skin.

Here are some ways you can get Acai:

Acai juice - Acai Juice is extremely perishable and must be consumed within the first 24 hours of being picked in order to benefit from its nutritional value.

Acai Berry Juice, 500ml

Optima Health Aloe Pura Acai Juice 500ml

Acai pulp - Frozen Acai pulp is available but must be kept frozen during shipment and therefore can become expensive. You can find Acai Smoothies at a number of different juice bars.

Acai Berry Smoothie Recipes

The Ultimate Acai Smoothie Cookbook: More Than 120 Smoothie Recipes Made with the Age-Defying Acai Berry

Acai Supplements - You need to be careful when choosing Acai supplements. Acai pulp can be dehydrated and freeze-dried before being put into capsules. Unfortunately, many of the supplements that show up in your local health food market are processed in a way so that they retain almost none of the fresh Acai nutritional benefits.

Acai Berry Supplement

Doctors Best Acai Extract, 120Vc, 500 Mg

However you decide to ingest your Acai, make sure the Acai is of high quality and you will find that it will enhance your life and your health.

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Acai Berry - The Natural Energizer
Acai Berry - No 1 Superfood

Anti Aging Acai Berry



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