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Anti Aging Blood Supply

For younger looking skin, mature skin needs to have a superior blood supply to the blood vessels just below the surface.

This happens naturally when we are young but as we age it is good practice to help this anti aging process.

A good blood supply is needed for cell regeneration and is an important factor in anti aging.

One of the best ways to increase the blood supply to your face is to give it a deep massage.

Never attempt to massage without some form of moisturizer or oil.

Increase Blood Supply With A Massage

First use a toner and then apply your favorite moisturizer.

Next, use the fingers of both hands flat on your face, and massage the moisturizer into your skin using firm circular upward movements. The direction of the movements is important to achieve anti aging results.

At the same time, hold your head up with your chin thrust forward and your eyes wide open to stretch the skin smooth. It might help to also open your mouth so your facial expression is one of wide-eyed astonishment.

Make the massage as firm and deep as you can but take care not to pull or drag your skin. Your fingers must slide across your face easily.

Cover every part of your face, starting with your cheeks and keeping the movements circular and in an upwards direction, make your way right up to your hair line. Don’t forget your chin and under your jaw line.

This circular movement not only stimulates the blood circulation to your face it also tones the facial muscles as well. So really this is two anti aging tips in one session.

A quick and easy way to get blood to your face during the day when you don’t have a moisturizer handy is to bend down and grasp your knees with both hands and keep your head down for about one minute.

Stand up slowly and you will see that your face has been infused with a fresh blood supply.

If you massage your face on a regular basis your complexion will improve and take on a translucent almost porcelain quality. Fines line will disappear and your face will appear more youthful looking.

You can also try the Tanaka Face Massage is basically a lymph drainage massage but it also incorporates acupressure and some elements of ‘bone massage’. This Japanese facial massage is powerful and effective. It works far better at lifting and contouring your face than normal aesthetic facial massage

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