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Arm Exercises With Weights

Watch this arm toning video to find out how to tone your arms with weights to produce the long toned arm muscles most women are looking for.

5 minute Tone Body Arms Workout Video

This is a slow loading video but well worth the wait.

Pause the video once it starts loading and let it load at least three quarters of the way and then it will play straight through.



I have found doing 8 – 12 repetitions with weights 4 – 8 pounds each produces the long toned arm muscles most women are looking for as apposed to using much heavier weights for shorter workouts which will produce the muscular results found in weight lifters.

Choose five arm toning exercises, do 8 – 12 repetitions of each to make up a set and then repeat the whole set 3 – 5 times. This workout should last about 15 minutes, raise your heart rate and produce the much needed muscle burn sensation.

You have to experiment to find out how much exercising is enough for you to produce the results you want. If you’ve been doing flabby arm exercises for weeks now and still can’t see any significant results then you need to step it up.

Another good way I have found to tone up flabby arms is to change the weights on alternate weeks.

Weeks 1, 3, 5 etc:

Use the heaviest weights you can handle with good form and do 10 repetitions of each exercise slowly and do 4 - 5 sets.

Weeks 2, 4, 6 etc:

Use lighter weights and do 20 repetitions of each exercise quickly and do 2 - 3 sets.

Also it’s a good idea to mix up the order you do your exercises in so your body doesn’t become used to the same old routine and you don't get bored with it.

This way you will build muscle first and then tone your arms for the long lean look.

Weight training should never be easy. If you find you are flying through your workout with ease then you need to use heavier weights, otherwise you will never tone up your flabby arms.

Increase the weights to a level that will challenge your muscles. Don't worry about building muscles like a man because women don't produce the hormone that produces big, bulging muscles. Your arms will slim down and your muscles will become long and toned.

Don’t waste weeks doing ineffective arm toning workouts, this will only frustrate you

If you need to buy weights I can recommend these York 10kg Vinyl Fitbell Kit in a Case from Amazon. These weights are fine if you've never used weights before but don't be surprised if you outgrow them within a couple of months as you get stronger. I still use my light weights for some exercises when I'm doing my 20 repetitions with light weights on alternate weeks.

If you need heavier weights, you can order individual York Fitbells in weights up to 5 kg (10 pounds approx).



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Slendertone System Garment for Arms

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