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Ayurveda Skin Care And Wrinkle Reduction

By Ryan English

Ayurveda is a system of medicine that has its origins in the Indian subcontinent, and is currently in use by millions of people from that region of the world.

The word 'ayurveda' translates roughly as the 'knowledge of long life'. The system itself is not only concerned with physical health, but also with mental, social and spiritual aspects of a patient's health.

Although it is considered to be a traditional form of medicine, Ayurveda actually incorporates a system of surgery.

The philosophy of Ayurvedic medicine revolves around maintaining the balance between three bodily humors, known as doshas. Only when these doshas are in perfect equilibrium can the body exist in good health. Thus the main aim of Ayurveda physicians is to maintain the balance between the doshas of your body, as they believe that this will allow the body to heal and recover of its own accord from wounds or diseases.

The application of Ayurveda medicine to skin care and wrinkle reduction is achieved through the proper selection of your diet and supplements. An Ayurvedic physician, having determined the imbalance between your doshas, will recommend changes to your diet that will help to bring your doshas back into balance. This will help make your body healthier, and allow it to better heal and regenerate, thus helping to reduce the effects of wrinkling and also resulting in healthier skin.

Ayurvedic skin care is also highly recommended because it is a completely natural method of skin care, and uses only natural and organic substances in order to achieve its ends. This is good news for patients who suffer from allergies and sensitive skin, as the medicines used in Ayurvedic medicine are not likely to cause any adverse reactions when applied to their skin or ingested as supplements.

Ayurvedic medicine also includes supplements that are designed to bring your doshas back into balance, thus allowing your skin to better heal itself. Healthier skin will regain its original elasticity, helping to reduce the evidence of wrinkles as your skin springs back into its normal shape and no longer holds the shapes of the creases and folds that form wrinkles.

Ayurveda medicine also follows the philosophy that tastes are useful in the treatment of diseases and bodily disorders. Each taste is effective for the treatment of a particular set of diseases or disorders. This belief in the natural healing effect of tastes means that any medicine administered by an Ayurvedic physician will be organic in nature. Organic medicines and treatments are in great demand because the artificial and synthetic substances included in some other types of anti-wrinkle treatments have unknown side-effects.

All this makes Ayurveda medicine a highly sought after remedy by many seeking a natural solution to their skin care and wrinkle problems.

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