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Back Acne Treatment

How To Treat Back Acne

Acne is a common problem among both teens and adults, and, as more people seek treatment, more information becomes available about this condition.

When most people think of acne, they think of it occurring on the face, since that is where it is most commonly seen.

That is, however, not the only problem area for the skin where acne can develop.

Acne is also common on the back and chest, and is often more difficult to treat when found on these areas. This is, in part, because the skin on the back is tougher than that on the face, so it is necessary to use different skin care products on this area.

The back is also in constant contact with clothing and other materials that might irritate the skin, which can further aggravate the condition.


Back Acne Causes

Acne is caused from excess oils on the skin that build up and form lesions called pimples. Acne prevention is the best way to treat it, but this can be more difficult to do on the back. 

Like with facial acne, it is important to stick to a daily skin regimen especially for this type of acne. This includes a cleanser, lotion, and possibly a moisturizer. Glycolic acid is also said to work well with such a regimen. 


Back Acne and Backpacks

Another way to try and treat back acne is to try to figure out what could be causing or helping to aggravate it. Heavy backpacks are worn across the upper shoulders and part of the back. If you carry one, especially on a daily basis, and have particular trouble with acne in these areas, you might try switching to a shoulder bag, or pack with carry handles.

Once your acne clears up, try wearing the backpack once again. If the irritation returns, you will know at least part of the cause, and may consider other alternatives instead.


Back Acne and Clothing

The clothing you wear can also affect and irritate your acne. Tight clothing can rub against your skin, which will aggravate it, and can also promote sweating. Sweat will, in turn, cause excess oil build-up, which will cause more breakouts to occur. 

Rough clothing is also bad for acne-prone areas, as it aggravates the afflicted area, which can irritate existing acne and cause new breakouts.


Back Acne Types 

Like other forms of acne, back acne can be mild, moderate, or severe. It is important to recognize the type and severity of your condition so you can treat it accordingly. Skin type also plays a part in the treatment of acne. Different skin types require different treatments, and react differently to products. 

If you are using over-the-counter products that don’t seem to be working to clear up your back acne, seek the advice and care of a physician who can help you find a treatment that is right for you.

Recently, scientists have found a harmless virus thriving on healthy skin that actively seeks out and kills the P. acnes bacteria which cause acne breakouts for thousands of people.

Anyone searching for the truth about acne and how to reach a natural inner balance and who is ready and willing to put in some work and make the lifestyle changes necessary to achieve acne freedom (no matter how severe your acne is), will find this complete holistic solution to be one of the best investments they ever made in their lives.

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