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Beauty Secrets - Puffy Eyes

By Brian Potter

We love taking care of our face and are always on a lookout for miracle cures that make us look forever young. And yet, how often do we take specific care of our eyes - the so-called windows to our souls? Our eyes not only express our feelings effectively, they express our age and sometimes unfortunately they don't do us justice!!! Why?

The skin around the eyes is extremely delicate, needs special attention and should be included in a daily skin care regime. Extremely gentle movements and a light touch are essential while handling the area, to remove make-up or while applying creams.

A cleansing gel or cream should be used to remove make-up, using moist cotton wool.

Only creams that have been specially formulated for the area around the eyes should be applied heavier facial creams are not suitable. Eye cream should never be left on the area around the eyes overnight. Neither should normal facial masks be applied around the eyes. To repeat always pay particular attention to this area of skin, treat it carefully!

Chronic puffy eyes are usually referred to as "under-eye bags."

So what can be the cause of these bags under eyes?

Firstly it is important that if you have chronic bags under the eyes, you should first consult your doctor so as to ensure that your kidneys and sinuses are functioning well. It may be that your doctor will advise you to reduce the amount of salt you consume.

These bags under the eye or Puffy eyes can also be an hereditary problem and if so will unfortunately be a problem that is difficult to solve.

Giving up smoking and reducing your alcohol consumption can also reduce the problem.

On the other hand, puffy eyes can result if you have had a good cry or have not been getting adequate sleep.

How is your diet, as the problem may well be reflecting a nutritional deficiency?

Neglecting to remove eye make-up at night or leaving cream on around the eyes when you sleep can also result in puffy eyes.

For puffiness, you can try some simple home remedies.

Apply a compress of iced water or cold milk directly over the closed lids and leave on for 15 to 20 minutes.

Sometimes, an eye-wash of tepid water also helps.

Mix rosewater and witch hazel in equal quantities. Soak cotton wool in it and let it rest on your under-eyes for 10 to 15 minutes. Lie down and relax while you do this.

Grated potatoes or potato juice, applied around the eyes is also said to help reduce puffiness.

Soak tea bags in hot water, allow to cool and then use as eye pads.

So what about an eye cream well there is one steadily growing in popularity first in the US and now more and more in the UK. Eyederma, has been specifically developed to reduce puffiness around the eyes. This cream is a unique combination of Peptides and the most effective form of vitamin K - the two elements that together reduce the puffiness and bags under eyes.

Brian Potter can help you with anti aging skin care problems including bags under eyes, puffy eyes and how to remove dark circles under eyes.

For more advice and information visit his website at [] where you can include your name and e-mail address to receive a free weekly newsletter providing full information and useful advice on the problems of dark circles and bagsunder the eyes. You can also watch videos on the subject at [] This website is no longer available.

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Eyesential Under Eye Enhancer provides the best eye care for the removal of eye wrinkles and puffy eyes.

Developed for the Hollywood film industry, this secret weapon has been used by top make-up artists to the stars for over 30 years to give them an instant eye lift.

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