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Winter Skin Care - Look Beautiful This Winter

Top 10 Winter Skin Care Beauty Secrets

Try these winter skin care beauty secrets, because when the weather is cold, frosty and dry your skin can become dryer, flakier and more easily irritated.

It may surprise you to see how some women can manage to look beautiful and healthy, even in mid winter, while your skin appears dry and chapped.

What are their winter skin care secrets?

Skin care beauty secrets for winter


Here are the Top 10 winter skin care beauty secrets to help you look beautiful this winter:



Always use a full-spectrum sunscreen even on cloudy days and when it’s chilly in winter. As you already know, the UVB rays are the burning rays in summer, but UVA rays are just as harmful and they are present all year round. UVA rays are responsible for causing wrinkles and skin cancer, and surprisingly, they can even penetrate glass.

This means you are not safe from them even indoors or whilst driving your car. Always protect your skin with a good quality sunscreen in winter as well as summer.




Don’t stay in the bath or shower too long. Although it's tempting to enjoy a long hot soak on cold winter days your skin has a protective outer layer called the stratum corneum or acid mantle, which is a natural lipid barrier between your skin and the outside elements.

This natural barrier becomes easily damaged when the temperature and humidity drops. Avoid prolonged bathing and using hot water.

Water can sap moisture from this protective layer and when this happens it will leave your skin drier, flakier and more prone to damage or irritation especially in winter.

Don’t stay in the bath so long that your skin goes all pink and wrinkly.



Cut down on using acids and astringents. During the cold winter months avoid using alpha-hydroxy acid products and astringents on your skin that contain alcohol.

Exfoliating is good practice but alcohol based products will strip your skin of vital protective oils, which will leave it sensitive and irritated.

Always moisturize your skin well with a good moisturizer after exfoliating.



Humidify the air around you in your bedroom and office to prevent your skin drying out this winter. Humidifiers help to keep the air moist and will help to soothe your dry lips and chapped skin.

Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated from the inside.



Sip a warming hot cocoa and boost your antioxidant levels at the same time. Cocoa beans are a good natural source of flavonoids, one of the most powerful of the antioxidants.

Cocoa contains many powerful anti oxidants and has the power to improve skin, improve blood flow, prevent clotting, reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure and help muscles recover from exercise.

By drinking a cup of hot cocoa every day for three months your skin will be noticeably softer and feel more moisturized.

Drinking hot cocoa on a cold winter's evening will warm you up, make you feel good and give you a nice healthy glow.



Self-Tanning is a great way to give color to pale winter skin.

With all the tinted moisturizers and tanning wipes on the market these days it’s easy to choose one to suit your skin type and tone.

I use an anti aging self tanning cream to add a healthy glow to help brighten up my winter face. It can save you money too because you won't need to use foundation to give your pale complexion more color.



Revive those tired feet. Use an exfoliating scrub for dry flaky skin on your feet. Dry with a soft towel and then moisturize.

Wear a pair of cosy cotton socks to bed overnight and you will find your skin is soft and smooth in the morning.

This works as a winter skin care tip for hands as well, wear a pair of soft cotton gloves to bed to stop the moisturizer rubbing off on the bedclothes.



Chapped winter lips look awful and can be downright painful. The continual urge to lick them to keep them wet only makes matters worse, and a vicious circle begins. Try to resist the urge to lick.

For lip winter skin care use a vitamin E based lip balm which will smooth and moisturize at the same time. Put it on before you go out into the cold winter air, several times during the day and last thing at night before you go to bed.

Balms made from natural ingredients are best for your lips. You can make your own discount lip balm from natural ingredients and you can also experiment by adding different flavors.



Protect your hair against the harsh winter elements. Use leave-in conditioners before you blow dry your hair or use hot curling tongs.

If you regularly use heat on your hair with hot brushes or tongs then deep conditioning once or twice a month should keep your hair soft and manageable.

Try scrunching a small amount of olive oil into the ends of your hair between washes to keep it hydrated. Put a small amount of olive oil into the palm of your hand and rub your hands together so that your palms glisten slightly. Then scrunch through the ends of your hair.



Repair winter skin cells. Blood and lymph fluids naturally nourish your skin but in the winter months blood flows less freely when you are cold, so you need to compensate by giving your skin extra protection and nourishment.

Use regenerating moisturizers and massage your skin in a circular motion to improve circulation. This will help to keep the skin’s outer layer healthy.

Exercising in winter will also help to improve your circulation so go for a brisk walk and keep active, don't be tempted to stay in and lounge about just because its cold outside.


Armed with these Top 10 winter skin care beauty secrets you will be able to look beautiful this winter. Say goodbye to pale, dry, chapped skin, now you can glow with health and vitality.


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