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7 Anti Aging Make-Up Steps to a Younger Looking You


Anti aging make-up should be applied sparingly and look as natural as possible. There is nothing more aging than badly applied make-up using bright or gaudy colors.

The aim of using makeup for anti aging is to enhance your natural beauty – not cover it up with a thick layer of foundation.

Unfortunately, a lot of women make the mistake of applying too much make-up when trying to look younger, and pick young, in fashion colors. Far from being anti aging, this way of using make-up will age you considerably.

The best anti aging make-up should use colors that closely match your own natural skin tones.

The secret to applying perfect anti aging make-up is that from a distance you should look as though you are not wearing any make-up but at the same time it should give you an even, natural skin tone, enhance the beauty of your eyes and make you look youthful and vibrant.

I was 53 when this photo was taken but by using anti aging make-up sparingly I hope I made myself look younger.

Using anti aging makeup sparingly can help you look younger.


Here are my 7 Anti Aging Make-Up Steps to a younger more natural looking you.

1 Use Rose Water as a toner. Rose water not only smells delicious it freshens up your face and gives it a healthy glow; this is one of my favorite beauty secrets. Using cotton wool balls, apply the rose water in even upward strokes to your face, neck and chest areas.
2 Straight after using rose water apply your favorite moisturizer. Again use even upwards strokes taking care not to pull your skin.
3 Choose a natural looking foundation cream, I use Maybelline Instant Rewind Anti Ageing Foundation which you can find in your local drugstore. Its anti-aging formula firms, adds radiance and gives my skin an even tone; this is one of my favorite items of anti aging make-up. Use sparingly and blend the foundation in so that it compliments your skin tone. Pat your skin with a tissue to remove excess foundation.

Maybelline have now brought out a new anti aging make-up called Maybelline New York The Eraser Instant Anti-Age Foundation. This new and exciting anti aging make-up is part of the Instant Age Rewind range and combines a patented Micro-Corrector Applicator and a breakthrough formula with active ingredients.

4 Next use an eye shadow duo pack. The best natural tones are soft off-white or light tones. I use a pale gold on my lids up to my eyebrows, a light dusting of a deeper gold over the outer lids and underneath the outer edges of my eyes. Brown or grey tones are also good.
5 Never wear black eyeliner... dark brown looks just like black yet it gives a much softer, hued look. This is one of those insider beauty secrets that many women don’t know about. Starting at the centre, underneath your eye draw a thin line towards the outside corner, then from the centre to the inner corner. Smudge gently with your finger to create a smoky effect.
6 Using black mascara is acceptable and should be applied in thin layers to avoid clogging. If you want to curl your lashes do it before using mascara. Only use enough mascara to bring out your eyes, using proper techniques you can make your eyes look more beautiful and youthful.
7 Finally apply your favorite lipstick. I have found lipsticks make you look more youthful and gorgeous if you choose a more natural color scheme. Colors that have a little brownish tone are more natural and less aging. Red should have a little blue in it so it does not appear orange. I don’t actually use a separate blusher, I use a small amount of the same lipstick I’ve used on my lips to add color to my cheeks. I find doing this will co-ordinate the color scheme and it also looks more natural.


Those are my 7 Anti Aging Make-Up Steps to a Younger Looking You.

I hope you have gained something from sharing my anti aging make-up tips.

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