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Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren is one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Her celebrity career as an actress has followed her almost effortless aging process over the years.

By watching her films we have been able to witness the passage of time and seen that she has succeeded in looking much younger than her actual years.

Sophia Loren is undoubtedly a role model for anyone wishing to age gracefully and she accomplishes this with style as well as beauty.

Sophia Loren 1986
Sophia Loren in L.A. By Allan Warren (Own work)

The most obvious of Sophia Loren’s beauty secrets are that she exudes inner confidence and intelligence.

She is elegant as well as beautiful, and no matter what outfit she happens to be wearing she always looks poised and in command of her movements and actions.

Even when acting, and in character, she still somehow manages to radiate a raw sex appeal that few women are able to duplicate.

Sophia Loren attributes her youthful looks to her life long use of olive oil and her love of pasta.


Sophia Loren Says:

Finally, some good news: eat more pasta! At last I have support from scientists as well as gourmets when I urge pasta upon you. How many times have people, while covertly gazing at my hips or waistline, asked how I keep my figure with all that pasta. Now the tag-along scientists have confirmed what Italian mamas have known for generations – pasta is good for you. Indeed, Italians are lucky to live with a culinary heritage that relies on pasta because it is a complex carbohydrate and a very efficient and healthy fuel for the body.

Complex carbohydrates are also to be found in beans, rice and vegetables. Eating carbohydrate will keep you from getting hungry by preventing your blood-sugar level dropping. Scientists have found that it is easiest to lose weight on a diet rich in complex carbohydrates for that reason: the carbohydrates will satisfy your hunger and give you energy because they are being burned efficiently by your body.

The best pasta for good nutrition is whole wheat pasta – we call it black pasta in Italy. Of course you can’t expect to add rich cream sauces and still enjoy its good effects. Serve it with a sauce made from tomatoes and unrefined olive oil, with perhaps some shredded carrots added for natural sweetness.

This quote was taken from the book Women & Beauty by Sophia Loren.


Over the years, she has always taken good care of herself and supports both healthy eating and a healthy life style.

Time has aged her face – but Sophia Loren carries this well and the wrinkles and lines that have appeared simply don’t matter. She is an ageless beauty.

For anyone wanting the anti aging goal of looking younger – Sophia Loren’s beauty secrets are a lesson worth remembering.

Many celebrities today seem to have lost their way, with booze and unhealthy life styles being considered normal.

Taking good care of yourself and enabling natural anti aging will boost your confidence and make you feel good about yourself. Enhancing what you already have is an essential part of beauty and for looking and feeling younger.



Get The Sophia Loren Look

Sophia Loren inspired make-up tutorial



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Beauty Quote:

"Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief she is beautiful."

by Sophia Loren (Italian actress)




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