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Chemical Face Peel - The Hidden Dangers of Fruit Acid Facial Peels

By Jennifer Parks

If you're thinking about getting a chemical or fruit acid facial peel then there's a few things you should realize first. This article will address the hidden dangers and unseen effects that putting a chemical acid on your face will have at a cellular level.

The first step to getting a facial peel is to find out if you are a candidate for a peel.

Only light, fair skin people with light hair (mostly blond's) are considered candidates for an acid facial peel.

This is because the more pigment there is in the skin the higher the chances that visible scarring will occur. Most doctors will only do an acid facial peel on a person with fair skin and hair.

When you get a fruit acid or chemical facial peel from a doctor or esthetician you are required to sign a consent form that acknowledges that you understand there are risks associated with the acid peel and that your doctor or the persons administering the acid cannot be held responsible or accountable for damage done to your face.

This consent form should make you aware that visible scarring and permanent, irreversible damage can be done to your face! Any doctor knows that even under controlled conditions putting acid on the skin is dangerous, that is why your doctor will require you to sign a consent form before the acid is applied.

If you qualify as a candidate for an acid facial peel and have signed the consent form for your doctor to go ahead, acknowledging that you are aware of the risks and that the doctor will not be sued if those risks occur when the peel is performed.

There are 3 types of chemical/ acid face peels; Light, Medium and Deep. All three types of chemical peels include applying a chemical to the skin that literally burns the surface skin cells - dead or alive. Acids and chemicals cannot differentiate between living and dead skin cells - they just burn.

When living skin cells are burned they cluster together in defense and rapidly try to heal. This clustering together and rapid growth is how scarring occurs.

In all three chemical peels the acids used cause this burning at the cellular level. This is why the skin stings, it is being burned. The deeper peels use a stronger solution of chemicals and are the most risky and dangerous.

At a cellular level, when living skin tissue is burned it becomes red and inflamed, burning, redness and irritation with any product or procedure indicates penetration through the dermis. If the dermis is penetrated then the acids/chemicals reach the basal cell layer. This layer of skin is where the tender new skin cells are being formed and developed. If these cells are burned they will develop fibrous scar tissue in the process of developments. Even if the scarring is not visible, the damage at the cellular level has been done.

Products that are invasive or irritating, also attempting to remove the corneum, burn into and even beyond the basal cell layer, disrupting the natural biochemical process of skin renewal. Inflammation, sun sensitivity, scarring and other damaging side effects of these procedures are a result of the skin's attempt to destroy these invaders.

Before you get a chemical facial peel, consider the safer, more natural alternatives...

Just like a peel or microdermabrasion, this new organic formulated mask, for instance, brings you radiance and softness without any nasty side effects.

Enriched with cell renewing exfoliating ingredients, brightening and evening Viniferine (grape seed oil), Caudalie Vinoperfect Enzymatic Peel Mask instantly awakens your skin's complexion. In only 10 minutes your skin will look refreshed, luminous and even.


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