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Diet Chef

Diet Chef delivers tasty and nutritious diet meals right to your door for simple, hassle free weight loss.

If you love food then you’ll love losing weight with Diet Chef because they've made it so easy for you.

Simply choose from over 70 delicious meals that are:

Calorie controlled and nutritiously balanced

Includes: Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, Snacks

Delivered right to your door and prepared in minutes

Just watch your weight melt away.

Diet Chef Diet Meals
Diet Chef Diet Meals

Watch this video now to find out what other people think about Diet Chef

Diet Chef is the largest UK diet meal delivery company with over 50,000 satisfied customers from all over the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Kevin Dorren first had the idea for Diet Chef when he was chatting to a friend. She told him her ideal way to lose weight would be to have her own personal diet chef who did all the shopping, preparing and cooking for her so all she had to do was sit down and eat all the delicious meals.

If this appeals to you too then read on.


Kevin is a professional chef and passionate about food, he felt it was important that all the meals should be prepared by real chefs and not mass produced on some factory production line. He also wanted all the meals to be healthy options with no artificial ingredients.


Who Should Try Diet Chef?

Primarily Diet Chef is for anyone who wants to lose weight but it is particularly suitable for busy people who do not have the time to prepare healthy meals everyday or count calories.

Maybe you work long hours and need nourishing meals that are ready to eat in minutes.

If you find diet meals bland and boring and you usually have trouble staying with any diet then these delicious meals will help to keep you interested and on the right track.

Many people have found that receiving ready made diet meals every month takes away the responsibility and hassle of having to go shopping for healthy food themselves. They have also found that not having to go shopping has taken away the temptation of buying all the unhealthy options which makes it much easier to break bad habits and lose weight.

If you really want to learn how to eat less and feel satisfied for the rest of your life and not keep going up and down in weight, then I think this kind of diet is better for teaching you about portion sizes and that eating less does not mean going hungry.


What Is Diet Chef Food Like?

With over 70 options to choose from, the Diet Chef meals allow you to build a wide and varied diet of wholesome, healthy food based on the food you like to eat.

Diet Chef Meals - Just Add Fruit and Vegetables
Diet Chef Meals - Just Add Fruit and Vegetables

Many people are amazed at how tasty and nourishing the meals are and some say they are more like gourmet or restaurant meals. You can choose from curries, casseroles, pasta meals, cottage pie, lasagna and many, many more. There are options to accommodate any specific tastes, preferences or specific dietary requirements - individual full meal nutritional details including allergy advice are on the food selection page.

In your food hamper you will receive three balanced meals of your choice per day - breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack.

You can add your own accompaniments (plenty of fruit, vegetables and extras such as milk to go with your tea or coffee and breakfast) to make up your calorie count to 1200 or 1500 if you are particularly active. The calorie count of each meal is on the packet so you don’t have to worry about working it out for yourself.

Diet Chef - Original Granola
Diet Chef - Original Granola

I like to add blueberries or sliced strawberries to my breakfast and you can choose from granola, muesli, porridge or cereal bars all in varied flavours.

You can add any fruit you prefer such as apples, berries, sliced kiwi, sliced banana, grapefruit segments or even prunes. I find granola and muesli are much better if you let them soak in the milk for ten to fifteen minutes before you start eating.

For vegetables with your evening meal it is so simple if you get steamed vegetable packs from the supermarket and pop them in the microwave for a few minutes.

This is when to use fat burning foods, some are naturally high in Vitamin C such as - apples, berries, broccoli, cabbage and citrus fruits.

Apples and berries also contain Pectin, which restricts the amount of fat our cells can absorb; it forces the cells to discharge fatty deposits so aiding natural weight loss. Berries such as blackberries, blueberries, black and red currants, raspberries and strawberries help to detox your body, boost your metabolism and make your body more efficient at burning fat.


Is Diet Chef Simple To Use?

Diet Chef makes weight loss really easy because you don't have to think about the food you are eating. Some people find with other diet plans that the more they have to think about what food they can eat in a day, the more likely they are to give up.

Diet Chef takes away all the hassles associated with losing weight.

If the ‘fool proof’ aspect appeals to you, then you should definitely give it a try.

This is an effective diet because the food is varied enough and you can choose your meals yourself, all you have to do is add some fruit and vegetables to make up the calories each day so it is very economical. And because everything is prepared for you there is absolutely no cheating on portion sizes.

Once you find all your favourite meals you can select those each time you order and that way you will always be eating meals and snacks you enjoy.

There are so many different meals to choose from and having the ready meals means that you will actually eat a proper meal every day rather than junk food or a takeaway making this ideal if you haven't got the time or motivation to cook a healthy meal from scratch.

It also helps with portion control which is something many people find challenging when they do cook.

So, if you’re too busy to be counting calories, weighing and carefully preparing food let diet chef do all the hard work for you.


Does Diet Chef Work?

Diet Chef is the UK’s largest home delivered diet and has helped over 50,000 men and women lose weight successfully. It is a convenient calorie-controlled solution that also delivers essential skills and education for weight maintenance.

There are literally hundreds of success stories on the Diet Chef website from people who have lost weight on this plan.

To help you succeed they provide a useful guide with helpful advice and extra tips for exercising, eating out, drinks and weight maintenance. They have fully trained diet advisers available whenever and wherever either over the telephone or via email.

They also provide proven support materials known to help weight loss such as food diaries and progress trackers as well as free lifelong access to online group-support to provide a virtual motivating, supportive environment.


What Do Diet Chef Customers Think?

Click here to go to the Diet Chef website and find out more


Find Out More About Diet Chef

If you like the idea of having diet meals delivered to your home so all you have to do is enjoy the delicious tasting food and hassle free weight loss then find out more by going to the Diet Chef website.


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