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Fat Burning Diet - Burn Fat Fast with A Fat Burning Diet

Unleash your ultimate body with a fat burning diet
Unleash Your Ultimate Body with a Fat Burning Diet

A fat burning diet is designed to make you burn fat fast by using fat burning foods in your diet that virtually do the work for you.

Imagine being able to eat more food, never feel hungry, have no cravings and still lose more weight than you ever thought possible.

If you really want to lose weight then it makes sense to switch to a fat burning diet for simple and effective natural weight loss.

In a fat burning diet the fat burning foods burn up more fat than they actually contain so you will experience life changing weight loss because it’s easy and straightforward for you to lose weight steadily and naturally.

A Fat Burning Diet Works

A fat burning diet sounds like a dream come true. You eat foods that burn fat for you so you can lose weight effortlessly - the secret is you have to eat the right fat burning foods.

If you understand how to create an effective fat burning diet then you will find it easy to lose as much weight as you want to.

Basically, it’s the amount of calories you eat on a daily basis that influences how much weight you will gain or lose and this is one of the most important principles of any fat burning diet but this does not mean eating less.

From personal experience I have found that your choice of food is more important than how much you eat and keeping a food diary is the best way to see where your calories are coming from.

Some people I’ve met just don’t understand this principle and wonder why they are overweight when they feel they eat far less than I do. After asking a few simple questions I usually find the real reason,  they are not eating too much, they are just eating the wrong food.

Simple changes using a fat burning diet can make the biggest difference and, in reality, you only need to shave 100 calories off your daily food intake to have a substantial effect on your weight loss goals.

However, you mustn’t shave these calories off by eating less, if you go on a restricted “diet” and reduce your food intake too much your body will go into starvation mode and if this happens you can actually end up gaining more weight.


Fat Burning Diet Basics

The basic principle of a fat burning diet is to build your entire diet around fat burning foods, this will speed up your metabolism so your body can burn fat efficiently and you lose weight naturally. For every unhealthy food choice there is always a natural fat burner if you look for it.

For example, if you usually have white bread then switch to whole grain, if you drink full cream milk then switch to skimmed milk. If, like me, you love chocolate then switch to dark chocolate and limit yourself to one bar a week. Get into the habit of just breaking off 4 squares, put the rest of the bar away out of sight and really savour your 4 squares of dark chocolate.

It is not about giving up the foods you love; it is about eating them in moderation, or switching them for healthier choices in a fat burning diet that taste just as good, if not better.

You will find that when you eat proper fat burning meals you will be able to treat yourself from time to time without harming your weight loss goal.


Fat Burning Diet Guidelines

The main thing to remember when planning your fat burning diet is this, eliminating entire groups of food from your diet is actually more harmful than helpful.

This is because our bodies need carbohydrates, fat, and protein in order to function properly so cutting out one of these groups can do a lot more harm than good.

Cutting out carbohydrates altogether can have a negative effect on your energy levels, your ability to focus and on your blood sugar levels.

Your fat burning diet should not mean that you go hungry or hate the food you eat. It should be a plan for the long-term, that you can keep up for the rest of your life and most importantly it should utilize natural fat burners that come in the form of natural, whole, unprocessed foods that optimize fat burning.

Losing weight on a fat burning diet does not mean depriving yourself. On the contrary, it means feeling great, having more energy and enjoying the food you eat.


Fat Burning Diet Tips

Drink More Water

Sometimes when we feel really hungry, it’s because we are actually dehydrated. So before giving in to your cravings have a glass of water and wait a few minutes, because your feeling of hunger will more than likely pass.

Switch to Fat Burning Alternatives

Instead of fat and sugar filled ice cream, for example, choose natural yogurt and top with strawberries, blueberries and a few chopped nuts. There are many foods that will give you the same sense of satisfaction with only a fraction of the calories.

Cutting out processed foods such as cakes, biscuits, pastry, white bread, white flour, white rice, white pasta and white sugar altogether is the best plan, but if you really can’t imagine that, then limiting them to once a week will make a huge difference.

The reason why these foods are all white is this; they have been milled to the point where everything of any nutritional value has been removed, so you are just eating calorie loaded food that has no value at all. For that reason they have no place in your fat burning diet.


Fat Burning Diet Information

Fat loss is for life and this does not mean living by calorie counting. It’s about eating a variety of delicious, nutritional, unprocessed foods to stimulate your metabolism so you can burn more fat while still preserving your muscle tone - without feeling tired or suffering unnecessary deprivation.

I remember when I first discovered there were fat burning foods it was difficult to know which ones to use; difficult to know where to go for help; difficult to know how to put them together to create a nutritious fat burning diet; difficult to know whom to trust and believe; difficult even to understand the language of some nutrition experts.

Most people would have given up long before I started understanding how a fat burning diet works. Most people do. But I was so determined not to give in that gradually I kept on making changes to what I was doing until I eventually found ways to make it work.

Because I learned everything the hard way I wanted something that would be easy to follow and understand, and it was really difficult finding a program that would show you exactly how to put together a complete fat burning diet using fat burning meals you can make yourself at home.

Now, knowing what to look for, I searched the internet looking for a complete program I could recommend to you, but even knowing what I know now about fat burning foods, I still couldn’t find anything suitable.

The fact is, you need proper information before you can create your own fat burning diet that works for you. A lot of information on the web conflicts with other information you find, and then you can easily end up with information overload, feeling totally confused, bewildered and not knowing where to turn.

If you would like a program that will show you exactly how to create your own fat burning diet with recipes to follow and complete menus already worked out, then I can highly recommend The Get Lean Program, it is easy to read, understand and follow, and will deliver excellent results for anyone wanting to burn fat and lose weight.

It has taken me over six months of searching to find a program as good as this one.

This is without doubt the best fat burning diet I’ve ever seen.

Get Lean Program - Fat Burning Diet

The Best Fat Burning Diet

Belinda Benn makes everything so easy to understand in a friendly way, she’s actually faced weight issues herself and knows the pitfalls and problems we all encounter along the way.

Let’s face it, too many diets these days are about what foods you should NOT eat in order to lose weight. The downside to that is that by making food the enemy you almost will yourself to put on even more weight. Or at the very least you sabotage your fat burning attempts if you worry about NOT eating food.

So, before you can successfully start burning fat you need to know which foods you CAN eat and open your mind to a new way of dieting.

Belinda Benn is a 48-year-old fitness model and she has created a program called Get Lean. She has put together fat burning recipes and meal plans so you don't have to worry about which fat burning foods to choose to lose weight.

Cheat days are even allowed.

Plus, you’re going to love reading her story. Discover Belinda's own story and find out why she is so thrilled to be able to share her personal program with you.

If you want to burn fat fast then you must eat the right foods, otherwise your workouts will be ineffective. Fortunately Belinda has that all mapped out for you. These foods will keep your blood sugar level stable throughout the day. Your energy will be steady all day long, too, and you'll have plenty of it.

Also, when your blood sugar level is stable then your body's natural fat burning engine will begin burning more fat tissue.

And that’s exactly what you are looking for, right?


Get Lean Program- Before and After

Fat Burning Diet - Alison Before
Alison, Belinda's younger sister, was totally blown away by Belinda's transformation and she realised that if her sister could do it then she could too.

Alison used to be unhappy, overweight and lacking confidence but now she is healthy, strong, fit and happy.

You can see more transformations like this at the Get Lean Program.

Fat Burning Diet - Alison After
Alison - After Aged 43



Get Lean Program - Is This Fat Burning Diet For You?

If you want to see fat melt away from your body then Belinda’s Get Lean Program will show you:

  • which fat burning foods to eat

  • when to eat them

  • how much you should be eating.

You will also get:

  • over 50 fat burning recipes you can make at home

  • complete fat burning menus to follow

  • shopping plan

  • help with eating out

  • food substitutions.

You will learn how to put fat burning foods together to make a truly effective fat burning diet and discover the three phases your body goes through before your body fat percentage drops quickly to reveal your ideal lean physique.

There will be no more guesswork about what fat burning foods to eat, your exact portion sizes, how to easily substitute foods and swap meals around to fit even the most demanding lifestyle.

If you understand, like I do, that in order to lose weight, you MUST put in the time and effort needed to change your eating habits, then the Get Lean Program will reward you with a complete plan for life changing weight loss that, quite honestly, I have never seen anywhere else.

This fat burning diet program is the real deal. Get Lean is a workable plan that people, like yourself, can use to lose weight effortlessly and feel good about your figure.

Belinda shares great food and fitness habits with you so you can stay lean, strong and healthy for the rest of your life.

Please don’t be put off by Belinda’s fitness model physique if you have a lot of weight to lose. Sometimes it feels as though where you are now and where you want to be is just too far apart for your mind to fully grasp what is possible with a good fat burning diet.

Belinda looks amazing now but the whole point is that she didn’t look like this before she discovered how much using fat burning foods in her every day diet would change her figure.

You don’t have to go to the extreme and look like Belinda if you don’t want to. You are in control, which means you can take your weight down to where you want it and get the figure you will be happy with.

It doesn't matter how much weight you have to lose, this fat burning diet will work for you. Whether you want to drop one or two dress sizes or more is up to you because you will be in control of how much weight you lose.

Once you discover how to create your own fat burning diet you can use it for as long and as often as you want to for the rest of your life.

Once you have started the Get Lean Program you will also automatically receive 30 days free access to Belinda's exclusive Aussie Transformation Coach Private Access Area.

Here you can ask her any fitness or nutrition question and she'll be there to help you personally or you can visit the forum and get the support you need from others just like you who understand and share your goals. You'll always have a solid social support system and never feel alone and trying to do it on your own. Post your questions and progress PLUS have access to all the help you need from the Get Lean Coaches and Belinda.

Let her show you exactly how she trains to get the body she has. She will walk you through her own training cycles and strategies, exercise tweaks and variations, talk about the challenges and how she overcome them to keep seeing progress. Her step-by-step videos will help you constantly raise the bar to take your body where it's never been before - train with Belinda and you will never look back!

Don't know how to cook? Step right into Belinda's fitness kitchen! She takes you through her favorite recipes and shows you exactly how easy it is to create delicious healthy food. Even if you have never cooked before or have a history of kitchen disasters - Belinda guarantees you will never look at a mixing bowl the same again.

I strongly recommend that you at least go to the website below and read as much as you can there because this could change your life forever.

If you're interested in life changing weight loss, here's the link where you can check out the fat burning diet program:

Just remember, before you can burn fat and lose weight, you have to first find a fat burning diet that works.


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Fat Burning Diet - Get Lean Program

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