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Fat Burning Exercise

Fat burning exercise is a great way to burn fat and build up lean body mass if you do it the right way.

The most important point to remember is this; to be effective at burning fat your exercise routine must have intervals of high intensity and low intensity.

Fat burning exercise will help you burn fat naturally and experience fat loss, even if you are really unfit and over weight.

Choose your fat burning exercises carefully.

Fat burning Exercise with an exercise bike


What is Fat Burning Exercise?

The high intensity level of fat burning exercise must leave you feeling slightly out of breath, elevate your heart rate and you must feel the burn in your muscles. If you can talk at the same time as doing your exercise then you are not working hard enough.

High intensity is needed to burn fat but high intensity is relative, meaning it will be different for each person and will constantly change for you as you get fitter.

You should only be able to do a fat burning exercise for between 30 seconds and one minute without dropping back to low intensity. If you can sustain this high intensity level for longer than a minute then its not high intensity for you and you need to rethink your exercise program. If you cannot maintain an exercise for at least 30 seconds then the intensity is too high for you and you should drop back to an easier level.

For example: if you can run or jog for 30 minutes at a time then running and jogging are not high intensity activities for you. At the other end of the scale, if you can only walk a short distance before you get out of breath then walking faster, striding, walking up hill, jogging or just running up stairs are all going to be a form of high intensity fat burning exercise for you.


How to Do Fat Burning Exercise

If you have an Exercise Bike at home you can use it for doing fat burning exercise by altering the resistance levels.

Set the resistance level really low 0-1 and do gentle cycling for 3 minutes to warm up your leg muscles.

After your 3 minute warm up, turn the resistance level up as high as you can possibly manage and pedal furiously at full pelt for at least 30 seconds to 1 minute. You should be able to feel your leg muscles burning by the time your 30 seconds to 1 minute is up and feel as though you can’t keep going for one second longer. In other words it should completely wipe you out. If you can’t manage 30 seconds then turn the resistance back a little bit to a point where you can.

Important! Don’t stop pedaling; it is vital that you keep your muscles moving.

York C202 Cycle - Exercise Bike for Fat Burning Exercise

York C202 Cycle

After your 30 second to one minute blast turn the resistance level back down and pedal gently for between 1 and 2 minutes until you have recovered and feel ready for another blast.

The low resistance recovery time should be twice as long as your high intensity fat burning time. So if you do high intensity fat burning exercise for 30 seconds your recovery time will be 1 minute and if you can keep going at full blast for the full 1 minute then your recovery time will be 2 minutes.

Repeat each set of 30 second to 1 minute high intensity blasts plus recovery time at least 3 - 7 times and then pedal slowly for 3 minutes at the end of your fat burning exercise session on a low resistance to cool down.

You should aim to do 4 minutes total of high intensity fat burning exercise, so if you can only manage 30 seconds each time then you will need to repeat it 7 times for a total of 8 x 30 seconds or 4 minutes.

Working you leg muscles in this way is an excellent way of burning fat because the muscles in your legs are large and expend a lot of energy.

Get into the habit of doing fat burning exercise 3 times a week for about 15 minutes total workout time and for optimum results you should alternate the days with a good weight training program (see video below). For example: weight training Monday, Wednesday and Friday, fat burning exercise Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday with Sunday as your day off.


Different Types of Fat Burning Exercise

As long as you follow the formula for fat burning exercise described above you can use different types of activities.

Try jogging on the spot with marching on the spot as your low intensity. You can also do walking outside with bursts of walking faster, striding or jogging. There’s also skipping with or without a skipping rope with bursts of high intensity fast skipping (see video below). Running up stairs is good as well and star jumps.

Take a look at, and follow along with, these two fat burning exercise videos:

Fat Burning Exercise Video - Walking Part 1 Start Quick and Easy

Fat Burning Exercise Video - Walking Part 2 Burn Fat & Back It Down

As long as you can feel the burn when you are working hard then your body will be burning fat and as you get fitter and stronger you will need to increase the intensity so that you are constantly challenging your body.


Why Do Muscles Have to Burn to Burn Fat?

In order to burn fat you have to work your muscles in short sharp blasts until you feel the burn. The burning sensation comes from a raise in your lactic acid levels which only happens when you use up a lot of energy in a short time, and this in turn, triggers the release of the human growth hormone (HGH).

Human Grown Hormone is responsible for maintaining muscle mass, burning fat and giving your skin a beautiful youthful glow. In fact HGH is the key to having an amazingly toned and young looking body.

Some celebrities pay thousands of pounds every month to have this magic hormone injected into their systems because it helps to keep them young looking.

You can have it for free by doing this the right way and getting the best results from your fat burning exercise.


Fat Burning Exercise Effects

Fat burning exercise will promote fat loss all over your body and your clothes will feel looser. In as little as 4 weeks, of fat burning exercise, you'll have a flatter stomach, with firmer thighs and bum. The good news is, from a fat loss point of view, the less fit you are; the quicker you'll see results.

The first few times you do fat burning exercise will be the most difficult. You may feel hot, tired and weak and out of breath. This may show you're working too hard at first but, you'll be amazed at how quickly fat burning exercise becomes easier and more enjoyable.

In just three to five sessions of fat burning exercise you'll see your stamina and endurance improve. Although every time you do fat burning exercise you're burning off fat calories, don't expect to see inches melt off your thighs in a matter of days, you cannot force fat loss.

Even if you could lose 15lb in one week it would be mostly water not fat, so there would be no real change in your body shape and you'd quickly put the weight back on again.

You should start to notice some fat loss after four weeks and significant fat loss all over your body (hips, bum, thighs, and stomach) after three months of regular fat burning exercise.


Fat Burning Exercise Long Term Effects

Fat burning exercise will improve your cardiovascular system (heart and lungs) in four to eight weeks; a good circulation will also revitalize your skin. You may also notice a decrease in your blood pressure and your resting heart rate (how hard your heart works when you're resting).

In the long term, with fat burning exercise, you should see your body change shape as you successfully burn fat and your fat stores are used up. You'll notice that you're able to complete day-to-day tasks, such as climbing stairs, running to catch a bus, carrying shopping, with far less effort.

It will be easier for you to attempt new activities with your finely tuned body and improved co-ordination.

The more fat burning exercise you do, the faster you'll see results, but be careful – more exercise can also lead to more injuries. Listen to your body. If you feel niggles, soreness or pain during exercising, it's a sign that you're doing too much too soon.

In order to avoid over-stressing your body, try a different type of fat burning exercise each week. Very soon you'll see improvements in stamina, muscle tone and fat loss.

Fat burning exercise should be done at least 3 times a week every week so that you can steadily burn fat and reach your fat loss target.


Beware - Many Fitness Plans Don't Work

If you lead a hectic life and you don't have the time to go out walking or you don't fancy exercising in public just yet, but you still need to get fit and lose weight, then following a workout program especially designed for busy women might seem like a good idea.

After all, it's all about finding what suits you best, because you're the one who has to stay with the exercise method you choose.

However, be careful that you pick an effective fitness plan.

There's nothing worse than spending weeks or even months diligently following a plan only to find it doesn't work.

If you've been following an exercise plan from a magazine and it's not working then Holly Rigsby has something important to say to you.

Watch her short video and listen to why most magazine fitness plans don't work and find out what you should be doing instead.

Don't be misled by glossy magazines into making these fat burning exercise mistakes.


Burning Off That Baby Fat 


For a lot of women it's difficult to regain their pre-baby body shape, having children plays havoc with your body and if you'd like to burn off the lingering baby fat take a look at Flat Stomach After Pregnancy.

Now you can say goodbye to flabby arms, thunder thighs, scary cellulite and a flabby belly.

Incidentally, this exercise plan will work just as effectively for you even if you don't have baby fat because its suitable for women of all ages and all body shapes.

Fat Burning Exercise - Fit Yummy Mummy Home Workout Plan


Wii Exercise For Fat Burning

Have you considered Wii Exercise? Wii Exercise comes complete in a box with everything you need to get started and have some fun.

Wii Exercise includes activities such as: Strength Training, Aerobics, Yoga and Balance Games.

The Strength Training, Aerobics and Yoga categories include your own virtual personal exercise trainer to help keep you motivated and constantly moving towards your goals.

There has never been an easier or more fun way of doing fat burning exercises. Check out the new upgraded Wii Fit Plus.


iJoy Ride Exercise Machine

The iJoy Ride Exercise Machine has got to be one of the most exciting and fun exercise machines on the market today for balance, toning up, fat burning, losing weight and improving posture.

In my opinion, horse riding is one of the best ways of toning up core muscles and improving your posture.

iJoy Ride has all the benefits of horse riding without the need to leave the comfort of your own home. You can even use the iJoy Ride exercise machine while watching your favourite TV program.


Confidence 2 in 1 Elliptical Cross Trainer & Exercise Bike:

Now you can tone up you legs, hips, buttocks, arms & shoulders and get in shape in the comfort of your own home.

Because your feet move in a natural elliptical motion, the elliptical exercise bike also helps to reduce stress on your ankle, knee and hip joints since your feet remain firmly on the footplates throughout the exercise.

As you walk, your hands grasp poles that move in conjunction with your leg motion. This results in a smooth, fluid movement that tones arms, chest, back, hips, legs, and glutei. Better than a treadmill!  Burns 5 times more calories than walking.

The Confidence 2 in 1 Elliptical Cross Trainer & exercise bike provides a great workout for both your upper and lower body at the same time and it’s also versatile because it has both forward and reverse pedal action.


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