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Arm Exercises Without Weights

There are several flabby arm exercises without weights you can do to tone up your arms and how fast your arms tone up depends largely on how often you do them.

Try these simple arm toning exercises without weights to get rid of your flabby arms for good.

Flabby Arms Exercise 1

Stand with feet shoulder width apart, step forward with one foot and bend slightly at the knees. Hold your arms a little away from your sides, bend your arms at the elbow, form fists with your hands and hold your fists at chin level.

You should now be in a boxer stance.

Punch the air in front of you alternately with each fist so that your arms extend to their full length at shoulder level and you twist at the waist. Keep your arms up at shoulder level and count 20 energetic punches.

Without stopping, look up and punch the air above your head in the same way. Extend your arms to their full length and feel those muscles stretch. Put as much energy into it as you can and count 20 punches.

Return to punching the air in front of you for another 20 repetitions and then above your head again.

You should aim for 3 sets of each and increase to 5 sets as your stamina improves. This is also a good cardio exercise because it will get your heart pumping.


Flabby Arms Exercise 2

Stand with feet shoulder width apart, raise your fists so they touch your shoulders.

Lift your elbows high so they point upwards and bring them towards each other, stretch into the muscle under your arm with as much force as you can and hold it for the count of 20. Relax and repeat 10 times.

Do not make jerky movements. Keep your movements slow and deliberate.

This simple tensing and releasing is the best way to tone extension muscles.


Flabby Arms Exercise 3

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and extend your arms behind you keeping your elbows straight.

Rotate your hands so that the backs of your hands are facing each other.

Slowly lean forward and at the same time raise your arms as far as you can upwards behind you.

Keeping your arms up and straight, squeeze the backs of your hands closer together half an inch and release. Squeeze and release 20 times and build up to 50 times.

It’s the twist in your arm that targets the extension muscle and this exercise should be done slowly with no jerky movements. Be careful not to tense the muscles in your neck as you lean forward or hurt your shoulders. You may find this exercise easier if you sit on the edge of your bed and lean forward rather than standing. Then progress to standing as you become stronger.


Flabby Arms Exercise 4

Sit or stand up straight and raise your right arm above your head. Bend your arm at the elbow and reach behind your head so that your fingers touch your opposite shoulder.

Grip your shoulder tight so that you stretch the extension muscle in your upper arm. At first, you may have to raise your shoulder a little to allow a firm grip with your hand. Hold this for a count of 10 and then change arms and do the same exercise with your left arm.

Be careful not to hurt your neck or your shoulders.

Repeat on both sides 5 times so you do 6 repetitions on each side.


Flabby Arms Exercise 5

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and hold your arms straight out in front of you at shoulder level.

Grasp your left hand with your right hand and turn to the right by twisting at the waist. Keep turning until you feel the back muscle in your left upper arm stretched to its fullest extent. Hold this position for the count of ten.

Slowly return to your starting position and change hands so that your right hand grasps your left hand. Slowly turn to the left until you feel the back muscle in your right arm stretched to its fullest extent and hold for the count of ten.

Repeat the exercise on both sides five times.


The main reason for flabby arms is we don’t use this extension muscle often enough and it only takes three weeks for a muscle to lose its tone.

If you are consistent with these exercises you will feel a difference in your arms quite quickly. They will feel stronger and you will be able to lift or carry things with more ease. This shows you that the exercises are working.

It will take time to tone up flabby arms, especially if you’ve had them for a while. Don’t expect miracles, just stick with it and gradually, your arms will regain all their muscle tone and you will no longer have flabby arms.

The more often you use these exercises the quicker your flabby arms will tone up. You should also continue to use them for maintaining muscle tone once you’ve regained it.

With all muscles – if you don’t use them … you’ll lose them.

Be consistent and you will get good results. I am interested to know how you get on with these flabby arm exercises, so send me an email and let me know.

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Lifting weights will speed up the process and make toning your arm muscles quicker and easier.

Watch A 5 minute Tone Body Arms Workout Video


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