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Flat Stomach After Pregnancy

If you want a flat stomach after pregnancy then Holly can share the missing piece of the puzzle with you.

Holly's Flat Stomach After Pregnancy

This secret not only helped her regain her pre-baby shape but she has gone on to get an incredible figure.

Using Holly’s secret your metabolism will work harder to burn off your baby weight automatically, so no matter WHAT you do after you workout you will still lose your baby fat.

For Holly this secret was the missing piece of the puzzle that was keeping her from having a flat stomach after pregnancy.

What was this secret?

The secret is called "EPOC", short for "excess post-exercise oxygen consumption".

Holly was excited when she finally discovered "EPOC" because it opened up a whole new world for her, now all she had to do was exercise for just a few minutes per day and she was seeing better results than she’d seen with all the long, slow, boring cardio she’d been doing.

Holly’s secret gave her the body she needed to get back into her bikini.

The good news is, you only need 15 minutes a day to do exactly the same as Holly did.

To find out more about "EPOC" and discover for yourself how it can help you finally get a flat stomach after pregnancy visit Holly’s website:

If you want a flat stomach after pregnancy then the Fit Yummy Mummy home workout plan is a quality fitness program that is specifically designed for busy mums looking after children.

Regaining your pre-pregnancy figure is not impossible it just takes a commitment to stick with the fitness program and when time is short you need short sharp workouts that bring the quickest results.

This fitness program has already helped thousands of women regain a flat stomach after pregnancy.


Flat Stomach After Pregnancy Benefits

The best thing you can do is have a very definite goal in your mind and keep reminding yourself of the benefits of having a flat stomach that are important to you, like fitting back into your pre-baby jeans, losing belly fat, having a flat stomach again. Or not feeling self-conscious when the hot weather arrives and everyone else seems to be stripping off and wearing skimpy clothes. Whatever your reason for wanting a flat stomach after pregnancy you must make it really important to you, to the point where nothing else matters.

This single most important reason will drive you and keep you motivated. If your incentive is not strong enough then you may not see the results you are looking for and you could be stuck with this after baby fat for the rest of your life.

What would make you happier? Trying to hide your belly fat for the rest of your life or taking positive steps now and having a flat stomach after pregnancy so you can fit back into all your pre-pregnancy clothes again?

Strangely enough, when you do begin a proper fitness program designed for getting rid of baby fat you will soon discover that you actually do shorter workouts than you thought. You won’t have to spend a grueling 40 minutes at the gym or run for miles at a time.

Can you spare about 15 minutes a day to have a flat stomach after pregnancy and transform your figure back to how it used to be? Maybe you’ve never had a flat stomach before and getting one now will be a much coveted dream.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you can get a flat stomach after pregnancy by doing 15 minute easy workouts. This program isn’t a push over. The workouts and intervals are flat out challenging but so worth it!

Flat Stomach After Pregnancy Testimonial

Flat Stomach After Pregnancy Testimonial

The energy you will have afterwards is amazing. And it’s incredible how fast the exercises build your strength and tone your whole body. The progressions as you get fitter are perfect too.

Forget hours of cardio exercise or fruitless repetitions of weight training. With this program you will finally get what you’re looking for. A flat stomach after pregnancy!

And that’s not all, because you will also feel energized, powerful, and more confident than you have done for ages.

Pregnancy is a beautiful, magical, and life altering experience, and our children are our most precious gifts, but trying to lose the post-pregnancy belly fat is always frustrating and can even be heartbreaking.

Often our metabolism is damaged from 9 months of over-eating and our energy drained from months without any real sleep and it feels as though nothing seems to work as we try to get back into our pre-baby jeans.

All we want is just to regain control of our lives, look good, and feel good again – is that so much to ask?

Not all of us can bounce back like Katie Holmes or Heidi Klum and other svelte celebrity mums.

So we resort to “fat burning” pills and go on crash diets that not only fail to help, but sometimes make the situation worse with rapid heartbeats, increased stress levels, early signs of aging, terrible moods swings, and more damage to our already sluggish metabolisms. Does any of this sound familiar?

Often we feel stuck, confined in a body we no longer recognize, still wearing our horrible maternity clothes, feeling embarrassed and out of place at our children’s functions, hiding out of the sun at summer events, and sitting in the car rather than standing on the sidelines at our children’s baseball or football games.

All this palaver just to try and conceal a body we’re not comfortable in and one we think we’re stuck with forever.

Flat Stomach After Pregnancy Before and After

Before and After ~ April, Age 37, Mom to Connor, 15; Ally, 2; and Kannon, 5 months, Marietta, GA

Read her testimonial at FitYummyMummy


Flat Stomach After Pregnancy Before and After 2

Before and After ~ Mandy, Age 29, Mom to a handsome baby boy

Read her testimonial at FitYummyMummy

Not anymore, because all you need is 15 minutes and you will discover how to do short burst exercise to boost your metabolism and burn calories all day long – all from quick 15-minute workouts.

You’ll also find out the habits that will boost your metabolism, eliminate cravings, burn more fat, and dramatically increase your energy levels.

It doesn’t matter how busy you are, you will always be able to find 15 minutes a day for your workouts if you really want to fit back into your pre-baby jeans, lose belly fat and have a flat stomach after pregnancy again.

Just imagine doing short, effective workouts to boost your mental and physical energy, you’ll be able to keep up with your kids and even tire them out!

You see, that’s the key to the Fit Yummy Mummy Workout Plan. The benefits of the short, burst workouts last far beyond the end of the last repetition. By using short bursts of exercise, you tell your muscles to keep burning calories all day long.

So even while you are changing a nappy or driving a child to after-school activities, you’ll notice your metabolism is still revving up, burning calories and shedding belly fat.

Don’t put up with stubborn baby fat when you can have a flat stomach after pregnancy easily with this incredibly effective fitness program. Go to Fit Yummy Mummy and just take a look at the reviews if you are in any doubt.

Flat Stomach After Pregnancy Videos

Get Your Body Back with Fit Yummy Mummy

Fit Yummy Mummy 1 Year Anniversary (2008)

If you feel you are getting nowhere it is time to change the way you workout. Working out to be busy will NOT get you results. Productive workouts on the other hand - not only leave you feeling energized, excited to workout and stronger.....they actually GET YOU RESULTS!

Effective Workout Tips Video From FitYummyMummy

Go Straight to FitYummyMummy Website


Start getting your body back now.

Flat Stomach After Pregnancy Home Workout Plan


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Flat Stomach After Pregnancy



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