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Good Posture - How To Have Good Posture

Good posture will give you a better figure instantly; it is the basis of figure beauty and an attractive body.

The way you carry and move your body influences your body shape. The effect is slow but steady, and over time it can work for you or against you, depending on whether you have good posture and stand up straight, or bad posture and slouch.

Many figure faults, in otherwise attractive women, have their origin in faulty posture; and this is the main reason for aches, pains and body fatigue too.

When you have good posture and your spine is carried correctly, it has an easy alignment; but when incorrectly held it gives a hollow back, squashes the vertebrae together, sets up friction and tension, and eventually can cause joint thickening and bone displacement.

Your spine consists of 33 bones stacked vertically, these individual bones are called vertebrae, and each vertebrae is equally spaced and cushioned by discs.

When you slouch over to one side the vertebrae in your spine are no longer equally spaced because one side is collapsed and the other side opened, this can easily cause pinched nerves or slipped discs.

Good posture protects your spine from injury.

Good Posture protects your spine from injury


The habit of good posture can mean a young-looking figure for life; it creates an impression of vitality, confidence and attractiveness.

Good posture allows you to appear slimmer, younger, shapelier and more attractive in a matter of minutes and its well worth the effort if you want to look your best at any age.


Good Posture Test

Stand with your back to a flat wall. Look straight ahead and let your arms hang loosely by your sides.

Make sure the back of your head, your shoulders, your bottom and your heels are all touching the wall.

How does this feel to you?

If this position feels natural to you then you already have good posture and you should maintain it by always being aware of what your body is doing. Weekly stretching exercises will ensure you have good posture for your entire life.

If this position feels unnatural to you or you feel like you are leaning backwards then you need to read this entire article and work at having good posture.


Good Posture Tips

Good Posture - Standing

Your spine is a long cord; imagine there is a thread running through it and it is being pulled up tautly from above your head. This lifts and stretches straight the whole body; it also makes you feel much lighter and springier. Pull in your stomach, tuck your buttocks under, chest high, shoulders back but relaxed and pulling the arm sockets downwards, head in alignment with chin parallel to the ground. When picking something up, bend from the knees with one foot slightly in front of the other, bottom tucked under. Good posture strengthens the supportive muscles and through habit they automatically keep firm and in place.

Good Posture - Walking

Check alignment before you start and be sure your toes point straight ahead. Relax your arms, allowing them to swing, following your body naturally and with ease. Movement should come from the thighs, not the hips; as you walk breathe deeply and slowly to the count of four in, four out. Keep your back straight, up and down hill, up and down steps, lifting and lowering yourself by using thigh muscles. Don’t lean forward with buttocks stuck out at the back.

Good Posture - Sitting

Before sitting, be sure your back is to the chair and one leg almost touching it, the other a little in front. Keeping the back straight and head aligned, lower yourself by bending your knees. Legs look better together, straight in front or slightly to the side.


How To Have Good Posture


Good Posture Exercises

Walking Stretch

Align your back, hold your arms straight above your head, thumbs hooked; pull arms back without arching spine. Walk around the room for two minutes, breathing in deeply to the count of four, out to the count of four.

Kneeling Stretch

Kneel, sitting on your heels, back straight, arms at your side; using your thigh muscles, keeping your back straight and bottom under, rise to a kneeling position bringing your arms up over your head; return to heel sitting; never arch your back, repeat 10 times.

Lying Stretch

Lie on your stomach, arms stretched out, palms down, shoulders flat, head slightly raised. Bend left leg at the knee to a right angle; keeping your ribcage firmly on the floor, move your bent leg across the straight one, aiming to touch the floor with your knee; at first it will seem impossible, repeat 6 times with each leg.

Lying Stretch 2

Lie on your back, arms stretched out, palms down, shoulders flat, head on the floor. Bend both knees slightly; keep your feet flat on the floor. Keeping you shoulders and ribcage firmly on the floor swing your knees in an arc to the right as though you are trying to touch the floor with your right knee. Hold the stretch for a moment and return to your starting position. Now swing your knees to the left and hold the stretch. Repeat this exercise 20 times, 10 to the right and ten to the left.

Standing Stretch

Stand with feet hip width apart, interlock the fingers of both hands and turn the palms away from you. Raise your hands above your head so that your palms are pointing upwards and hold for the count of twenty. Stretch up through your ribcage and waist, feeling your spine stretching.

Backwards Stretch

Stand with your feet hip width apart, place your hands lightly on your hips slightly to the back. Lift your ribcage and chest, keep your shoulders back and down, tense your buttocks and slowly push your thighs forward taking care not to arch your back. Your back should remain straight and the movement comes from your thighs. This should not hurt your back, if it does then you are arching your back, straighten up and try again.

Stretch up through your torso and down through your legs, your shoulders should be over your feet throughout the movement and your body should be stretched in a backward bow shape. Hold this position for the count of ten and release.

I do this exercise 2 or 3 times a day, especially if I have been sitting at my computer for any length of time; it helps to counteract the tendency to slouch and collapse everything forward.


Good Posture Benefits

Training your body to stand, walk, sit, and lay in positions that put the least amount of strain on supportive muscles and ligaments will pay back dividends instantly and in the future because you will look slimmer, younger and more attractive for your entire life when you adopt the habit of good posture.


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