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Hair Loss In Women

Hair loss is a natural daily occurrence when we brush, comb, or shampoo our hair.

Hair Loss in Women

Typically, between 50 and 150 hairs are lost everyday, although this varies from individual to individual. It is important to notice any change in your normal rate of hair loss and anything excessive for you may be critical.

New hairs are produced all the time but when hair fall out is greater than the growth of new hairs then hair loss follows.

Hair loss in women can be caused by Alopecia Areata which can either mean loss of hair in patches or a diffused hair loss all over the head. It is causing concern because an increasing number of women are beginning to lose their hair.


Hair Loss and Hormones

As working women assume more responsibilities and tensions, it is thought that they are also producing more of the male hormone androgen which causes Androgenic Alopecia.

The normal ratio of hormones in a woman’s body is eight parts oestrogen (female hormone) to one part androgen. The oestrogen affects skin texture and hair resilience. If the balance is disturbed, trichologists believe that re-growth of hair is affected.

Hair loss caused by hormonal abnormalities is serious and requires immediate attention.


Hair Loss and Pregnancy

Traditionally women have often suffered excessive hair loss a few months after giving birth because after a very high oestrogen level during pregnancy a sudden reduction adversely affects hair growth.

Oestrogen levels increase dramatically during pregnancy, up to two hundred fold and the consequent drop in levels after birth can lead directly to post-natal depression and hair loss.

The contraceptive pill keeps female hormone levels high and it has been found that women who stop taking it are often subject to the same post-natal symptoms of hair loss.


Hair Loss and Mistreatment

Mistreatment through indiscriminate coloring or heating can go further than breakage and produce permanent hair loss.

Chemical trauma can be caused to your hair by bleaching, relaxing, perming or even dying the hair. The chemicals involved in these processes can damage the protein structure of the hair, making it brittle and often causing hair loss. As well as damaging the hair, these chemicals are also not good for the scalp and can irritate it.

Pulling your hair tightly back into a pony tail, tight plaiting or using rollers wound too tight can cause inflammation on the scalp’s surface or below the outer layer and is known as Traction Alopecia. This disturbs normal hair growth and the intolerable strain on the hair when repeatedly stretched can make it give up growing altogether.

The papilla sometimes shrinks and dries up and either a straggly hair emerges or there’s a total stoppage in hair growth.


Hair Loss and Stress

Stress, anxiety, worry, hormonal changes, diet and nutritional deficiency, lack of sleep, poor health and bad teeth can all contribute to hair loss. Another contributing factor is seasonal hair loss which effects everyone in varying degrees. Seasonal hair loss can be quite alarming and because it can last up to six weeks or more every autumn many people worry that their hair is suddenly falling out. Read more about seasonal hair loss.

This generation of working mums who have been trying to do it all - work, maintain a home and relationship and raise children - are the worst hit, paying the price for long hours at work and home with stress-related illnesses including hair loss.

A recent survey found that women between the age of 35 and 45 are the most likely to suffer from stress-related conditions such as insomnia, hair loss, eczema, migraines and high blood pressure.

The most common cause of stress is work, and many women find this the most stressful aspect of their life.

Ironically, stress is a major cause of hair loss in women yet hair loss itself is extremely stressful which in turn compounds the problem.

One in two women today, say they can’t sleep at night and a whopping 72 per cent say they turn to comfort eating to ease their stress.


Hair Loss Reversal

Hair loss in women can often be reversed by finding the source of trouble. Extreme and sudden hair loss is a medical problem not an aesthetic one. An examination of the body and not just the head is necessary including a thyroid test, kidney, calcium, enzyme and liver studies.

A major cause of severe hair loss is developing a thyroid problem. Both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism are responsible for causing the severe early onset of hair loss in both men and women of all ages. Thyroid malfunctions can force hair follicles to remain in the dormant phase for a longer period of time than normal. This leads to stalled hair growth and eventually to hair loss.

Another test for hair loss in women is to establish if the body is manufacturing enough oestrogen.


Hair Loss Supplements

Viviscal is a 100% natural hair loss supplement that has been specifically designed to tackle this problem.

Viviscal Maximum Strength contains the exclusive AminoMar C™ Marine Complex that provides the essential proteins needed to decrease hair loss and encourage and strengthen existing hair growth.

‘Celebrity hair stylist Tony Collins recommends Viviscal as his TOP TIP saying "To improve weak or broken hair use Viviscal. Its expensive, but it works".’ May 2012 ELLE Magazine.

Latest study finds Viviscal dramatically reduced hair shedding over a 10 week period

A pilot study conducted by Thomas J. Stephens & Associates Inc. in the US showed that Viviscal was well received by the participants and the analysis of hair counts showed a mean reduction of hair loss of 46%. The participants included women of Caucasian, African American, Asian and Hispanic ethnicities with the average age being 35.

  • 81% saw a decrease in thinning hair on an average day

  • 75% saw an increased thickness in the body of their hair

  • 75% saw an increase in overall hair volume

You can find out more about Viviscal natural supplements by visiting the official Viviscal website

Viviscal Hair Loss Survey

1000 Women with Perceived Hair Thinning took part in a recent survey and the results are:

  • 65% avoid some type of activity because of their hair thinning/loss

  • 66% think about their hair loss at least once-a-day or more

  • 79% stated that their hair loss affects their overall level of happiness

  • 86% envy women with thick hair

  • 96% agreed their sense of Beauty is connected to their hair

  • 20% have kept their hair loss a secret


Hair Restoration

Hair restoration may be an option if you are experiencing permanent hair loss.

Today, many women recognize the reality of hair loss and some to do something about it by undergoing hair restoration treatments.

Before any hair restoration treatment is undertaken the cause and permanence of hair loss should be properly diagnosed by a hair restorative physician. Hereditary hair loss in women tends to be more diffuse than seen in men and can result in thinning hair rather than bald patches.

The hair restoration doctor will give you a scalp examination first to discover whether you are a good candidate for hair restoration treatment. It largely depends on how advanced your hair loss is and whether you have a suitable donor site with hair dense enough for transplantation.

Hair restoration treatment by transplantation involves taking a thin strip of scalp skin with hairs attached and transplanting this strip to a thinning recipient site. Prices start from around £2,500.

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Hair Loss in Women

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