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Hair Types and Treatments

Beautiful hair is immaculately clean and glossy, and the result of a planned program of correct hair care.

Hair Type

To work out a routine, it is important to know your particular hair type.

Is it dry, oily or balanced?

Has it been colored, bleached, permed or straightened?

This is all you need to know.

Texture, thickness and curling ability influence styling and shape, but not basic hair care.

The wonderful washability of hair is one of its main assets, and all hair needs frequent washing.

Once a week is average for normal or dry hair, but if you are exposed to city grime or pollution, do it every five days.

Oily hair usually requires washing every two or three days. The rule of thumb is: wash when your hair looks or feels dirty.

Some hair may require special rinsing.

All hair needs pampering from time to time with a deep conditioning hair treatment.


Hair Brushing

Daily hair brushing will help to stimulate your circulation and gives new body and fullness to your hair. Brushing before a shampoo is essential and the first step in the cleansing routine.

Invest in a first class hair brush.

Natural bristles are the best, but if you choose synthetic bristles make sure the ends are rounded.

Always keep your hair brush spotlessly clean, otherwise you’ll brush dirt back into your hair. A quick dip of the hair brush in a mild solution of ammonia and water quickly lifts the grime, then swish around in warm soapy water, rinse and dry upside down.

You can use two hair brushes if you prefer - one in each hand.

Hair should be brushed firmly but not over enthusiastically – it responds better to a gentle treatment rather than an attack. Every time you brush your hair you are going to lose some hairs. It’s quite normal; hair fall out is estimated at between forty and a hundred hairs a day.

Hair should be brushed inside out: stand or sit, bending your head forward and down, so that your hair is hanging in front of your face. Start with the brush at the nape of your neck and close to your scalp – though not scraping it – and make long lifting strokes away from your head.

If your hair is tangled, divide it into sections and work your way piece by piece towards your forehead.

Stand up and throw your head back, and when your hair has settled back and down, use your brush to smooth it lightly. If you are not going to shampoo, put a piece of silk over the brush to polish your hair.



Massaging helps to improve your circulation and loosen tense muscles. Do it before a shampoo and whenever you can spare a few moments.

Start at the back of your head with your fingers rotating slowly and gently: don’t scratch and don’t push with your palms.

Work your way in circular movements up the sides of your head, over your crown and to the rim of your forehead.

The scalp should move even with the slightest pressure.

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