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How to Get Rid of Belly Fat

How to get rid of belly fat is a dilemma many people face at some time in their lives.

Belly fat has a nasty habit of creeping up on you in such a way that it can seem to appear overnight but the truth is, there is a slow accumulation of fat around your mid-section until one day you just can’t ignore it, or hide it, any longer.

If you’ve been wondering how to get rid of belly fat then you have probably already tried to diet by eating less and maybe you’ve also tried a few sit-ups and crunches to strengthen your abdominal muscles, only to find that this doesn’t work.

Contrary to popular belief the secret here is not to eat less and exercise more.

You are not alone though. Every year thousands of people try to get rid of belly fat in this way and thousands of people fail.

The reason for this is simple.

Your body stores fat evenly all over your body. You cannot lose fat in any one particular part of your body in the same way that spot toning doesn’t work.

Eating less is not the answer because your body needs a whole spectrum of vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein to function properly and if you cut down too much on your food intake you will deprive your body of these important nutrients.

Exercising by doing sit-ups and crunches will strengthen your abdominal muscles but unfortunately they will still lay hidden beneath a squishy layer of belly fat. And you won’t be able to see them.

This is not how to get rid of belly fat because it doesn’t work this way.

You must work on whole body fat reduction before you will see any real change in the amount of belly fat you are carrying around your middle.


How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat - There are 3 things you must do:

Change Your Diet To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

This does not mean trying the latest fad diet. This means paying attention to the nutritional value of the food you eat. Your body is like a high performance machine. It needs protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and vitamins and minerals to function properly. When you eat a lean healthy diet it will allow your body to metabolize its fat stores more efficiently.

One of the biggest failures for anyone trying to get rid of belly fat is not keeping a food record. It’s almost impossible to lose weight efficiently if you don’t know how many calories you are eating on a day to day basis.

Another mistake is failing to recognize that changes to your eating habits will influence your weight loss more than anything else.

Your success depends on your ability to stick with your new eating regime rather than which type of diet you choose because if you can see it through until you reach your end goal you will definitely get rid of belly fat.

Therefore the diet you should choose is the one you can stay with. That’s the biggest lesson you can learn here. Saying there is one best diet for everyone is like saying there is one best color.

You should be eating lots of protein, fruits and vegetables so that you are eating a fat burning diet.

Draw a strict line between healthy foods versus treats, and aim to be about 90% healthy.

To turbo charge your efforts and prevent your body from absorbing fat in the first place you should also take Proactol for a few months.

Proactol has been clinically proven to block fat from entering your system because they are natural fat binders. Over 27% of any fat you do eat will be flushed through your system without adding to your existing belly fat.

If you’ve been struggling with losing fat and need help to get rid of belly fat then Proactol fat binders are ideal for you.


Exercise Your Core Muscles To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

You must exercise and strengthen all your core muscles, not just your abs, if you want belly fat to give way to a firm toned midsection.

To get rid of belly fat it is vitally important that you also exercise your major muscle groups which include your legs and back. These are the biggest muscles in your body and working these muscle groups expends the most energy and so burns more calories than exercising just your abdominal muscles on their own.


Get Rid Of Belly Fat With Fat Burning Exercise

The key to getting rid of belly fat is burning more calories than you take in. Fat burning exercise combined with the tips above does just that.

You should already know - if you want to get rid of belly fat then you have to get up and do something - go for an energetic walk, take a bike ride, or go swimming.

Make sure you do plenty of weight bearing exercise because riding a bike and swimming are not weight bearing whereas walking and jogging are. Above all, find something you like doing and keep doing it until you can really see a difference.

Bear in mind that although exercise is important, even if you exercise for an hour every day the average calories burned might be 300 calories a day. It’s much easier to shave 300 calories off your food intake by choosing highly nutritious/low calorie alternatives.

The truth is if you seriously want to get rid of belly fat then you will need to put in some work. Changing your diet to a fat burning diet is a must and then starting some form of exercise program that develops your core muscles is the best way to get rid of belly fat for good.

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