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How to Look Fabulous at Fifty

Looking fabulous in your 50’s has a lot to do with a healthy diet, taking regular exercise, looking after your skin and having fun just being you.

The good news is, you don’t need to be mega rich; but you do need a huge dose of common sense.

Celebrities can use clever makeup artists to create the illusion they’re aging well and looking fabulous for their age. But do they still look good first thing in the morning, or without their makeup, fancy hairdos and expensive clothes?

How to look fabulous in your 50's

Thankfully, the secret to looking great well into our fifties for the majority of us is to work with nature not against it.



If you wear makeup, remember that less is more as you grow older.

Trying to make your face look younger with heavy makeup will have the opposite effect.

We’ve all seen those overly made up older women who’ve applied the wrong shade of foundation together with bright heavy eye shadow, black eye lashes, heavily penciled eyebrows, red rosy cheeks and red shiny lips. It just looks clownish.

If you want to look fabulous at fifty then your makeup needs to be subtle.

The secret to applying foundation when you are in your 50s is to keep it light. I find using a tinted moisturizer is enough because it blends in perfectly with your natural skin tone. Heavier foundations tend to accentuate lines and wrinkles instead of hiding them.


Your Skin

Lines and wrinkles appear because your skin becomes dryer in your 50’s so you need to pay close attention to moisturizing regularly; also I find that adding oils and oily fish to your diet can help to prevent dry skin.

If your skin needs more help then try applying extra virgin olive oil, rub the oil between your palms first to warm it up and then massage it well into your skin. This is an inexpensive and effective way to keep your skin soft and supple. Any surplus can be blotted off with a clean tissue.

I find it beneficial to apply a very small amount of olive oil before I use my moisturiser; the moisturiser helps to trap the oil so it soaks into my skin. Don’t use so much that you make your skin look shiny.


Improving Your Skin Tone

There are other natural ways to make your skin look healthier that are very easy to implement. I have discovered the easiest way to give your skin a natural looking golden glow is to eat red and orange vegetables and fruit such as tomatoes, carrots and oranges, and plenty of dark green leafy vegetables. It’s the beta-carotene in these foods that can change your skin tone.

And, if you consistently add these foods to your diet you will have a permanently healthy looking complexion even in winter when everyone else is looking pale and uninteresting. This also means you won’t need to cover your face in a thick foundation to give yourself an even skin tone.

Skin friendly beta-carotene helps to even out skin tone, promotes a healthy golden glow and also stimulates the production of new skin cells. Carrots are one of the best sources of beta-carotene, which is a strong antioxidant, but carrots also contain other phenolic compounds that are also beneficial antioxidants.

But, don’t go over the top by drinking pints of carrot juice because you can actually turn your skin yellowy/orange, which is not a good look!

Also, an excessive amount of carrot juice is bad for you because beta-carotene naturally converts to Vitamin A in your body and too much Vitamin A can be toxic. Another problem is if you drink more than 8 fl oz at a time you could have increased blood levels of the pigment carotene, this condition is called Carotenemia.

As with all things moderation and a modicum of common sense is the answer. Have just enough of these fruits and vegetables to improve your skin tone but not so much that you make yourself look ridiculous or worse still, make yourself ill.


Your Posture

Another important thing to consider if you want to look fabulous in your 50’s is your posture. Your natural posture and the way you move can make you look older, clumsier and less attractive if you are not careful.

In contrast, standing up straight and tall, along with being more balanced with controlled movements will make you look more elegant, attractive and younger. This used to be called ‘deportment’ and many years ago young women were encouraged to balance books on their heads to help them walk, stand and sit elegantly.

For you to appear more elegant you should improve your posture by having a straight back, your head properly aligned and your chin parallel to the floor. Your feet should be slightly apart, your stomach held in, your shoulders drawn back and down, and your arms by your sides.

You can and should do exercises regularly to improve your posture and the way you move about.

Exercising regularly helps to keep our muscles toned and a toned body is extremely attractive whatever your age. Firm muscles act as a girdle which keeps everything else in place and stops us from sagging or bulging over waistbands.

Instead of hiding lumps and bumps in loose fitting clothes you’ll find that your clothes will fit better and your whole body has a shapelier outline, which is far more attractive and youthful looking.


Dealing With Flabby Arms

Many women find, as they pass menopause, that they lose muscle tone and their arms in particular become flabby. Flabby arms can look unsightly and a lot of women stop wearing sleeveless tops because they find them embarrassing. Looking fabulous at fifty shouldn’t mean covering up but toning up flabby arms later in life takes time and commitment.

There are three separate issues to take care of:

  1. Lose the flabby fat

  2. Build up firm muscles

  3. Maintain lean body mass

You cannot turn flabby fat into firm muscle because they are two totally different substances. The only way to do it is to address them separately, so you must lose the fat and build the muscle.

The easiest way to do this is to make sure you have a clean diet.

Do not eat any white, refined carbohydrates. Do not eat anything that contains sugar or white flour, this includes: white bread, cakes, biscuits and pastry.

Eat food that is low in calories but high in nutrition.

Most vegetables and fruit fall into this category but take care not to spoil it by adding sugar, salt or fat. This means do not add any dressings to salads or ice-cream to fruit. Eat less meat and get your protein from a variety of sources including fish, mushrooms, beans and broccoli.

Statistics show that most people eat far more protein that they actually need, which is part of the problem because any unused protein will be stored as fat.

When you have your diet under control you can start to firm up your muscles with exercises. There’s no easy way out, if you want to look fabulous at fifty and get rid of your flabby arms, then you will have to be consistent and exercise for at least fifteen minutes at a time, 3 times a week.

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