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Is Your Diet Aging You?

How quickly we age is partly controlled by the foods we eat and the drinks we drink.

A poor or bad diet can have a detrimental effect on our skin and make us look older.

To keep us healthy, active and young looking, our body needs a healthy balanced diet that contains all the vital nutrients necessary for cell rejuvenation and general repairs. 

If we don’t eat the right foods it will soon start to show on the outside.

Is your diet aging you?

By now, most of us are aware that fresh fruits and vegetables are excellent for improving overall health, giving us clear skin and a bright, youthful complexion.

However, some foods can actually cause your skin to age prematurely.


Avoid Low fat diets

Our bodies require a healthy balance of fats. Together with supporting the brain, heart and immune functions, fat is essential for the maintenance of healthy cell membranes in our body cells.

These membranes have the sole responsibility for transporting nutrients and removing waste in and out of our body cells, which is a very important role.

People on low fat diets experience problems such as premature aging, dry wrinkly skin and eczema, dry brittle hair that falls out easily, loss of muscle tone or the inability to lose weight as well as memory and learning problems and even Alzheimer's disease. 

Interestingly, all natural fat associated with food, including saturated fat from eggs and butter, cold press oils, fish oils, nuts, seeds and avocadoes are actually required to maintain a healthy body. However it is important that we eat enough of the “good fats” and not so much of the “bad fats.”


Have A hearty Breakfast

Always make sure you start each day with a good old fashioned hearty breakfast. Eating a balanced breakfast is the first step towards making sure you give your body the food and nutrients it needs on a daily basis.

Eating breakfast is important because you will be fuelling up after a long fast when your body has had no food at all. Hence the name ‘Break Fast’ and that is exactly what you should do every day.

Eating a healthy breakfast will also set you up for the day; you will have more energy and not feel hungry until lunchtime. People who eat a good breakfast are less likely to snack on unhealthy foods or overeat at meal times.

Don’t sell yourself short with tea and toast but you mustn’t go over board with a full fried breakfast either. Also beware of sugary packaged cereals, especially those sold as healthy just because they contain wholegrains, always check the labels for sugar content.


Avoid Sugar, sugary foods and drinks

In nature sugar is packaged with vitamins and minerals - in fruit as fructose and in vegetables as starch. The refined product we know as sugar is straight sucrose, which the body absorbs much faster than natural sugars, and because it is so similar to blood sugar, which has already been metabolised into glucose, refined sugar escapes the body’s processing action.

Consequently, the body is forced to use its vitamins and minerals and acids to fight the invasion, and this surge of activity can lower blood sugar and body energy levels leaving one tired, mentally slow, irritable, and susceptible to disease.

Look out for sugar in convenience foods, pre-packaged low fat food and drink including low fat milk, processed foods, cakes, biscuits, all sweets, fruit yogurts, fizzy and soda drinks, squash, in fact, most food you find on your local supermarket shelves.

Plus, sugar is also found in restaurant meals, take-away foods and fast foods.

It should be blatantly obvious to you by now that the food industry is more interested in making money than preserving our health, so do not be taken in by clever marketing  - read the labels on everything.


Limit alcohol intake

Although many studies report potential benefits in drinking red wine, which contains resveratrol, alcohol, in general, will dehydrate your body, leaving your skin tight and dry and prone to wrinkles.

In addition to this your liver will release skin-aging free radicals in order to metabolize the alcohol.

As you can see, spirits mixed with soda such as lemonade or cola are a double-whammy of alcohol and sugar.


Limit the “junk food”

As you age, your body finds it more difficult to cope with the vast amounts of sugar, alcohol, and processed foods that you regularly eat. Our enzyme production for digestion of junk food also diminishes as we age.

The by-products of this dilemma can cause aging ailments such as arthritis, stomach problems, age spots on skin and damage to your heart, lung, liver, and gall bladder. These are all age related problems you do not want to experience, so say goodbye to the “junk food” and say hello to the “healthy food.”


Avoid “fad diets”

There is always some kind of fad diet that is in the news and is the diet that all of the celebrities are losing weight on. These diets are just “fad diets”. In order to lose weight and remain looking young and healthy you need to make sure you have a well balanced diet.

Get the facts about how to make healthy eating choices, and as you age you should eat more of these types of foods and not take any notice of what the “celebrities are eating.”


Vitamins and minerals

It is your responsibility to make sure your body gets the correct vitamins and minerals on a daily basis, this is critical if you want to keep your youthful appearance. Energy-giving substances are carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Eating a variety of these types of food will give you all the energy and vitamins you need to stay healthy.

Make sure you are getting the required amount of A, B, C, and D vitamins from food, if you are not maybe think about taking a supplement.

When it comes to aging you must have plenty of vitamin B to help you to produce the collagen your skin cells need to retain their elasticity. If you lack this why not try using an anti-aging product that gives you this supplement?

Eye Secrets collagen and Q10 patches target those puffy, wrinkly skins and works hard to reduce the under-eye bags you might have. This wonderful product leaves your skin feeling refreshed, smoother, and tighter which will help you to look younger.

If you would like to find out more visit Eye Secrets


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