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Kundalini Yoga DVD

Kundalini Yoga - to Detox and De-stress

by Maya Fiennes

If you’ve ever thought about taking up Yoga, or need to detox or de-stress then I recommend you try Maya Fiennes’ DVD – Kundalini Yoga - to Detox and De-stress which is available from both and

I was impressed by the high volume of positive reviews this DVD is attracting from all types of people who have followed her advice and experienced wonderful results.

Kundalini Yoga eliminates feelings of sorrow, depression, anger and jealousy and instead gives feelings of affection, energy and love. Practicing Kundalini Yoga will promote emotional balance, mental clarity, stress relief, and a personal transformation.

The Kundalini Yoga DVD is easy to follow and comes with an accompanying music CD and clear instructions.

Detox and De-stress with Maya Fiennes, feel the stress leave your body and open yourself up to a new world of good health and enlivened awareness.

Kundalini Yoga - to Detox and De-stress

Continual stress can cause a breakdown in body health because stress has been identified as one of the main factors in the aging process.

Yoga will keep your body young, fit and firm but did you know it will also help you to Detox and De-stress?

Kundalini Yoga Benefits

• Strengthens the nervous system 
• Balances Emotions 
• Enlivens sense of awareness
• Increases energy levels
• Brings clarity of mind 
• Encourages a sense of peace 
• Reduces stress levels 
• Increases lung capacity for better breathing 
• Strengthens the immune system 
• Supports and encourages personal transformation and growth 
• Adjusts consciousness to create happiness and health 


Kundalini Yoga Reviews


My doctor told me to start with yoga and pilates to increase my breathing (for some reason I breathe as little as a mouse!) and to strenghten the mussles in my spine. I have troubles with my back and shoulders and am also suffering from stress problems, so this DVD couldn't have been of more use to me. I feel such a transformation! My stressproblems are so much better and my headaches, back pians and shoulder pains are almost completely gone. I just can't believe it. This DVD made such a huge impact on me that it feels hard to tell people about it, I'm afraid they might think I've started to believe in hocus pocus! Even though I've bought this DVD to two of my friends, and the changes it has done to their lives... I just can't believe it. It's highly recommended. I wish I had had this one years ago.

By C. Westberg  (UK)


This is by far one of the best yoga DVDs i have EVER purchased,It makes you feel so wonderful inside. And also you feel great after doing the practise because you have gone beyond your stagnant self. Its great. WELL done maya

By K. E. Barrett (Wales)


This is by far the best ever yoga, de-stress, detox DVD i have ever viewed! I can recommend this for all levels of ability and flexibility. Whilst there is a deep sense of calm and peace brought about by watching or participating with Maya, there is no hard sell on the principles behind this yoga. Even the music CD that comes with the DVD brings on a sense of well-being. I would love to see Maya conduct a class in the flesh, as her positive energy comes through clear and loud. The moves that she takes you through have maximum inpact for what appears to be minimal effort, but you certainly know your body has awoken from a slumber!!

By esther


About Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is a physical and meditative discipline, comprising of a set of techniques that use the mind, senses and body to create communication between the "mind" and "body".

Kundalini yoga focuses on psycho-spiritual growth and the body's potential for maturation, giving special consideration to the role of the spine and the endocrine system in the understanding of yogic awakening.

Kundalini yoga links movement with breath, with a direct focus on moving energy through the chakra system, stimulating the energy in the lower chakras and moving it to the higher chakras.

Kundalini Yoga is intended to awaken the energy that resides in the spine by activating the nerve channels that are intertwined there.

Kundalini yoga is sometimes called "the yoga of awareness" because it awakens the "kundalini" which is the unlimited potential that already exists within every human being.

The practice of kundalini yoga consists of a number of bodily postures, expressive movements and utterances, cultivation of character, breathing patterns, and degrees of concentration.

None of these postures and movements should, according to scholars of Yoga, be considered mere stretching exercises or gymnastic exercises.

Most techniques include the following features: cross-legged positions, the positioning of the spine (usually straight), different methods to control the breath, the use of mantras, closed eyes, and mental focus (often on the sound of the breath).

Available from

Kundalini Yoga - to Detox and De-stress

Also available from

Kundalini Yoga to Detox and Destress with Maya Fiennes

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