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Low Self Esteem 

6 Simple Techniques to Overcoming a Low Self Esteem

Overcoming a low self esteem can be a scary task in the beginning. Let me ask you a question? Who are you? I mean be brutally honest and tell me how you feel about the person that you have become.

Are you struggling to keep up with who society says you ought to be? Do you often find yourself being compared to others? Do you feel as if life has dealt you a "bad hand"?

Well let me tell you I have some simple techniques that will help in your quest for overcoming a low self esteem.

Overcoming a low self esteem requires time and patience. Self esteem is like a little seedling growing inside of you. With the proper sunlight and water, that inner tree of self esteem will grow to heights in which you could have never imagined. Although it will take some time to develop, the hardest part is getting the process started. Here are 6 simple ways to overcoming a low self esteem.

· Know your strengths

Here is a little exercise for you. Take a sheet of paper and write down all your strengths. Please do not cut any corners. No matter how basic something appears to be, by all means write it down. This is where you want to acknowledge the talents that you have and to focus on developing those qualities that you have already been blessed with. If you are having problems coming up with strengths, think about the things in life that come naturally for you. Think about how you may not have to work hard at something. How something is second nature for you. To take that one step further, ask individuals who know you personally. What may be hidden to your eyes can be shockingly obvious to someone else.

· Acknowledge the areas that need improvement

This one can come as an easy task for some, but can be difficult for others to grasp. Any weakness that you may have in your life needs to be addressed. There is no such thing as a minor weakness. Many times we try to ignore or cover an area in our life that hinders our thoughts or beliefs. Face that weakness head on and find ways to turn that negative into a positive. Eliminating that area of weakness can be the deciding factor as to what you may ultimately accomplish in life. It may be the final door in your path that needs to be unlocked for you to achieve success.

· Don't take things personally

About four years ago, I was going through a roller coaster ride with my emotions. I was not happy with the direction my life was going. During those trying times, I was not focused on my job. I made many errors and was criticized by many people. I noticed that I took the comments that people made personally. In the thick of all this, I made a job change. As I look at the entire situation, I hadn't solved anything. Have you ever had a deep puncture wound that required stitches, but you did quick band aid patch job? What happened to the wound? For starters, the wound continued to bleed. In fact it would be no surprise that the wound had probably become infected. That's how my situation turned out. Instead of not taking the comments personally and improving things, I pretty much did a patch job. I went to another job to get away from the situation, but the root of the problem still existed. The key is to get rid of the deep rooted problem with a viable solution. Don't run from the source -- your low self esteem.

· Learn to control what you can

Think about everything or everyone that you come into contact with on a daily basis. Out of all you can think of, the only thing that you have complete control over is your mind or thoughts. When you think about it, even your body can pretty much function on its own. You don't say to yourself breathe, you don't say to you arm rise up and wave. You don't say to your leg walk or bend. Your body doesn't need your approval for the most part; it just carries out these actions. YOU HAVE NO CONTROL OVER IT! Now your mind on the other hand can be controlled by you. It is you who controls how you feel about yourself. It is you that determines how much of a success you can and will be. It is you that controls the entire thought process. In short, your mind is a vessel to set afloat your hopes and dreams. It is your mind that begins the process to make you a successful individual and make all things possible.

· Set goals and have a plan

If you are looking to improve yourself, cluttered thoughts and procrastination will lead you to many dead ends. Create a firm foundation as to what you want in life and when you want it. This will cut down frustration. Hold your head up and aim for the stars, your mind will naturally seek out ways to achieving your goals. Always remember that life will always be filled with unexpected turns and twists. Don't worry!!! Just be flexible so that you may adjust when this happens. The goal is not to get there in a certain time or get there when others expect you to. The goal is to just get there.

· Laugh and have fun

Lets face it; this is a cruel world that we live in. Depression and anxiety is on the rise. In order to live your life and remain sane, you CAN'T TAKE THINGS TOO SERIOUSLY! Try to have fun in whatever you do. Remember that everyone around you is in the same predicament. Everyone is on his or her own journey of success as well. Everyone is striving to be the best, so you should try to network with others to make the journey easier and make it a more pleasurable experience.

Overcoming a low self esteem is somewhat of an art form. These six techniques may not work on everyone. In fact all of them may not work on you, but the key is to test them and see what will and what won't work. That's the whole thought process. Take action today and begin your rewarding journey of overcoming a low self esteem.

My book The Secrets of How to be Gorgeous shows you quick and easy ways to build self-confidence and reach your full beauty potential.

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How to Be Gorgeous


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