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Anti Aging Beauty Tips




Natural Beauty Tips for Women Over 50

Natural beauty doesn’t have to fade with age. Gorgeous skin and an attractive body are still within the grasp of women over 50, just follow these natural beauty tips.

As we grow older our bodies slow down on the production of collagen, which is the mesh of fibers, together with elastin, that support the skin and give it its youthful plumpness and natural beauty.

Here are three things you can do about facial sagging to give nature a helping hand, aid collagen production and firm up your facial muscles.


Natural Beauty Tip 1 - Natural Collagen Production

Vitamin C together with vitamin E helps with natural collagen production. As the body produces its new collagen in the first two hours of sleep it makes sense to take supplements of vitamins C & E an hour before going to bed.

This way your body has a reserve of the vitamins it needs to produce its own collagen.

High doses of Vitamin C are needed, much higher than the recommended daily allowance; research has shown that 2000 mg taken in two doses of 1000 mg, once in the morning and again an hour before bedtime have produced good results for some women.

Post Menopausal Skin Care. If you are going through, or have gone through, the menopause then your skin has specific needs and you need a formulation designed to combat the effects of hormonal aging.

Try taking Imedeen Prime Renewal skincare tablets. This formulation has been shown to preserve and revitalise the collagen and elastin content of skin, improve suppleness and skin density, as well as provide skin cells with a quality defence system against free radical damage.


Natural Beauty Tip 2 - Hydration

Drink plenty of water. It’s been said a thousand times before and it really does work. Imagine a balloon filled with water, its surface is firm and taut and springs back easily when depressed. If you slowly let the water out the surface of the balloon becomes softer and less firm, the surface dents easily when depressed. As more and more water is let out of the balloon it becomes flabby and its surface wrinkled, it no longer springs back when depressed.

This will give you an idea of the importance of water in natural beauty and the role it plays in keeping your skin firm and supple.


Natural Beauty Tip 3 - Facial Exercises

Facial exercises can help natural beauty for women over 50. The muscles of the face are very intricate, giving mobility to every single inch of it. The most important, from the beauty point of view, are the zygomaticus muscles which extend across the cheeks from the temples to the corners of the mouth, keeping the contours of the face firm.

All the facial muscles determine the expression of the features. Chewing exercises the face.

Smiling and laughing, although they may add a few lines around nose, eyes and mouth, also exercise cheek muscles and pull the corners of the mouth in an upward direction, preventing the face from sagging.

Your face will age long before your body. The muscles in your face react negatively to stress, emotion and tension. It's easy to get into the habit of grimacing, frowning and raising eyebrows and this leads to lines and wrinkles that become more definite each year.

Practice Facial Exercises At Home


Facial exercises will improve and maintain the characteristics of a youthful contour and covering.

If you want to smooth out your frown lines, visibly tighten up your wrinkly neck and lose your saggy cheeks simple facial exercises are the answer.

As with any exercises it takes 2-3 weeks to see any noticeable improvement but done every day Facial Exercises can transform your face and knock years off your age.

Facercise, Carole Maggio's face lifting exercise program is presented on CBS with George and Alana.

Facial Exercises Reviews


I want to say thank you to Carole Maggio for a programme of simple exercises that really make a difference.

I was converted to face exercise after a couple of weeks of trying another system - I really saw the changes, but felt my face was getting fatter which I did not like. I saw Carole in action on Youtube and Google and I really liked her forthright approach. So I bought the book here and I am now about three weeks down the line on exercising almost every day - sometimes twice a day - sometimes missing a couple of days.

At first the exercises seem a little difficult to envisgae and out together. I just persevered and it got easier every day.

I really am noticing some very good changes. My nose (which seemd to be expanding in every direction in older age!)- seems to actually be getting some shape. My mouth to chin lines are disappearing as are my nose to mouth lines. My eyelid droop is visibly reduced and - this is the greatest wonder - that mass of unmentionable double chin - HUGE - is actually withdrawing - I can see it.

I recommend this book with grateful thanks to Carole. Buy it, try it and persevere!

C.B  (UK)


I have been doing these exercises since the day I bought the book seven years ago. At age 30, I was already seeing my mother's jowels on my own jaw, and didn't relish the idea of looking more and more like a bulldog as I got older. Within a week they were diminished significantly, and at age 37, I don't even have jowel 'buds'. I can't imagine what I'd look like had I not stumbled upon this book. And I only do the routine once a day, not twice, so I have room to step it up when I'm in my 40s. The only place I have fine lines is under my eyes, but I don't have crowsfeet or laugh lines, and my nasal-labial folds just simply never deepened, they barely exist. My dreadfully thin lips actually have a raised lipline now, and my eyebrows are high and firm. People mistake me for being in my mid 20s on a regular basis, and I don't mind that at all!

I came here today to get the link for this book to send to a new friend who nearly fell off her chair when she found out how old I am. She's 30, the same age as when I started, so she'll be able to enjoy decades of causing people to fall off their chairs.

D. Grayson (UK)

Available from

The New Facercise: Give Yourself a Natural Facelift


Also available from

Carole Maggio Facercise: The Dynamic Muscle-Toning Program for Renewed Vitality and a More Youthful Appearance (Revised, Updated)




I have discussed facial sagging and included exercises to firm up the facial muscles in The Secrets of How to be Gorgeous and this may be of interest to you. This natural beauty tips guide contains exercises for the face, eyes and neck which will give good results if done regularly. And you can get it free if you sign up for the Beauty-Secrets 4 U Newsletter.

In summary, women over 50 should take vitamins C and E for natural collagen production, drink plenty of water to help keep skin taut and supple and practice facial exercises to maintain youthful contours and natural beauty.

If you want to attract all the compliments you deserve, start turning heads and winning admiring glances - discover the secrets of how to be gorgeous today. They will make you look younger - no-one will ever guess your real age, which means you will be more attractive, you will get the recognition you always wanted, you will make 'him' fall in love with you all over again.

The Secrets of How to Be Gorgeous. How to have the body, looks and compliments you've always wanted.


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