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Nintendo Wii Fit – Hot or Not?

Nintendo Wii Fit can be extremely difficult to get hold of, it sells at a premium and yet it’s a big hit with families around the world wanting to improve their fitness.

The Nintendo Wii Fit, which comes complete with the Wii balance board, has become an enormous hit in households in both the US and the UK. Demand for the balance board and software repeatedly outstrips supply.

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Nintendo Wii Fit has been known to sell out in many stores and online retailers, and in some cases even the second-hand price has rocketed to more than it can be bought new.


So, why has the Nintendo Wii Fit become so hot?

What has caused it to be the most ‘must have’ Nintendo accessory and game so far?


In one word the answer is - Simplicity.

Firstly, the Nintendo Wii Fit is easy to use, it doesn't require hours of reading a manual to understand how the game works, you just plug it in and get moving. Because of this it ticks all the right boxes for families and those new to console gaming.

Secondly, it brings the whole family together, up to eight players at a time, to play and laugh, but also allows you to work out by yourself and loosen up those muscles in a fun and engaging way.

Thirdly, the supplied software comes with a set of fitness exercises and mini games to help you get the best out of it, so you can choose between a good work out or just a bit of fun that will still loosen you up.


Nintendo Wii Fit Fitness Exercises

Nintendo Wii Fit begins with Muscle Workouts that give you fifteen different ways to workout. You can easily tone up your body, or relax with yoga poses, or even use your Nintendo Wii Fit to correct your posture with undemanding yoga poses.

Nintendo's Wii Fit balance games are the ideal way to get the entire family motivated and involved. Using the Wii Fit balance board you can take part in fun games like skiing, tilt games, snowboarding or even learn to walk a virtual tightrope!

The Wii Fit's aerobic function lets you complete a series of healthy and gentle exercises to get your heart pumping which is good for your cardiovascular system. Anything from step aerobics to a jogging action will keep you toned up and active.

Besides all the family fun, the Nintendo Wii Fit offers you a chance to discreetly keep track of your own progress.

Your body mass index (BMI) for instance, is charted over time so you can see your progress, or, in some cases, even lack of progress, as the Nintendo Wii Fit takes account of any exercise you do away from the Wii balance board, letting you chart your exercise regime on an in-game calendar.

Wii Fit BMI Chart

Over time your improvement is displayed on your own personal chart, giving you the confidence and encouragement to get even fitter.

While some proclaim the Nintendo Wii Fit is just a passing fad, others are singing its praises. And, for the foreseeable future at least, the Nintendo Wii Fit will sell and sell as more and more families learn to play together again and get fit.

So whether it's a party, an evening spent with friends, a family playing together, the children enjoying good clean fun or a personal goal to make your body fitter and suppler, the Wii Fit will be a sell out console game again this Christmas.

So, to make sure it’s in your Christmas stocking this December, reserve your Nintendo Wii Fit as soon as you can.

Still not sure if it's for you?

Watch the Wii Fit Video


Order Your Wii Fit Now


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