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Nintendo Wii Fitness

Nintendo Wii Fitness is the UK name for the Nintendo Wii Fit, a revolutionary new fitness workout in a box.

Nintendo Wii Fitness is designed to help you become more aware of your physical condition.

This cleverly designed Nintendo Wii Fitness program invites you to have fun and get healthy at the same time.


Nintendo Wii Fitness focuses on helping you improve your balance and posture, change your Body Mass Index (BMI) or simply relax and have fun. Using the very latest in technology, Nintendo Wii Fitness will help you to lead a healthier lifestyle.

To begin your new fitness program the first step is to step onto the Nintendo Wii Fitness balance board in order to get an accurate overview of your present fitness level.

The Nintendo Wii Fitness software measures your BMI, analysises your centre of gravity and calculates your athletic ability by conducting a few simple tests. The Nintendo Wii Fitness software then determines you Wii Fit Age – a feature unique to this program and it ranges from 2 to 99.

Nintendo Wii Fitness image 2



Nintendo Wii Fitness Routine

The Nintendo Wii Fitness routine features more than 40 varied types of Wii exercise in four areas of training.

You can use fat burning exercise in the aerobics category and burn off calories and fat. The Balance Games work on your balance and posture. You can bulk up with the Muscle Workouts or learn to stretch and relax with the Yoga poses.


Nintendo Wii Fitness includes everything from Step Basics to Snowboarding and Rhythm Boxing to Jogging.

A vast range of entertaining activities will keep you interested in doing your Wii workout and encourage the rest of the family to join in and give it a try. You can even keep track of your progress, Nintendo Wii Fitness includes a special Wii Fit Channel which allows up to eight people (family or friends) to store and compare their personal fitness profiles.


Nintendo Wii Fitness also takes account of any exercise done away from the Wii Balance Board - ensuring you have an accurate overview of your fitness.

As you make progress, you won't only be able to see it represented by a graph, but by the changing waistline of your chosen Mii character.

Take the first step on the road to a healthier lifestyle with Nintendo Wii Fitness!

There’s never been an easier or more fun way of getting fit.

Still not sure if it's for you?

Watch the Wii Fit Video


If Wii Fit is a must have gift I recommend you buy now as stocks are very limited.


Order Wii Fit Now From Amazon


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