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Online Dating Rules - The Date

Online Dating Rules - The Date

Online dating sites are a great place meet new people.

Online dating sites are a great place to expand your social life and meet new people. As with any date there are some basic online dating rules you should be aware of before you agree to meet anyone in person.

Maybe you’ve been using an online dating site for a while and now you’ve met someone who sounds really nice.

You’ve played it by the book and taken heed of all the online dating rules by talking to him for a while and getting to know him, but now he’s asked to meet you.


You should now familiarize yourself with these basic online dating rules to make your first meeting safe and enjoyable.


Online Dating Rules for Your First Meeting


Online Dating Rule 1

Never let a new date pick you up from your home address. Don't divulge your address until you are quite sure you can trust this person and want them to know where you live.


Online Dating Rule 2

Never let them make arrangements for your accommodation if it is required. Do it yourself so you can be certain you are not being tricked into going too far too soon.


Online Dating Rule 3

When you first meet make sure that it is a very public place and let someone know where you are going and the name of the person you are meeting. Even arrange to call or text that person once you are there and maybe again during the course of the date.

Giving a rough time when you intend to return is also worthwhile and recommended.


Online Dating Rule 4

Arranging to go out, as part of a group is a good idea; you then have your friends around you. Safety in numbers, then if you don't trust your new date you won't be left alone with them.


Online Dating Rule 5

Never accept a lift home if you are not 100% comfortable with it. If, for any reason, you do not trust your new date to drive you home safely, call a cab or phone a friend.


Online Dating Rule 6

Take a mobile phone with you that’s serviceable and pre-arrange to call someone to come and pick you up if necessary. Make sure that person is going to be available at a moments notice.


Online Dating Rule 8

It is not a race. Take your time to get to know someone and if they are truly interested in you they will agree it’s for the best. Don't be forced into something you might regret. Stay sober for this reason and all the points above.


Online Dating Rule 9

If you have second thoughts about the date and worry about your safety then please don't go. Wait until you've had more time to get to know him online.

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