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Online Dating Rules

Online Dating Rules

Online Dating is becoming more and more popular.

Online dating is becoming more and more popular, so if you're thinking of joining an online dating site it’s wise to familiarize yourself with some basic online dating rules so your experience can be safe and enjoyable.


Here are some basic online dating do's and don'ts:

Online Dating Rule 1

Respect the other members at all times and remember they are there for the same reason as you are – to meet someone special and maybe form a lasting relationship. Being completely honest about yourself and the type of person you’re looking for will make life easier for everyone, especially you.


Online Dating Rule 2

When you upload your profile photograph, make sure it’s recent and a good likeness of you. Never use a fake photograph, this will always catch up with you in the end and may even make a prospective partner angry because you have wasted their time.

This same online dating rule applies to your profile as well, if you think you are 'cuddly' rather than 'medium' then say so. Never pretend to be someone you’re not. If you are interested in a serious relationship then tell the truth.


Online Dating Rule 3

A major part of the enjoyment of online dating is flirting with an interested party. Flirting is fun so don’t be afraid to do this. You can stay anonymous if you want to but remember don’t go too far by communicating in a way not generally expected on an online dating site.

Be comfortable with what you're saying and never promise something you are uncomfortable with or not capable of eventually delivering when meeting.


Online Dating Rule 4

You should never give out your telephone number, home address or place of work to a stranger, no matter how nice they seem to be. And, if you telephone them, withhold your number from their caller ID.


Online Dating Rule 5

Be careful. Unfortunately there are some people out there who are born liars and fraudsters and you should be aware that these people exist. Don’t believe everything you’re told in the beginning. Look for inconsistencies in their stories and lifestyle when they are corresponding and talking with you.

Also look for inconsistencies in the information they give you about themselves such as their appearance, age, status and other matters.

People who tell lies are generally caught out by them, so be aware.


Online Dating Rule 6

If you ever feel uncomfortable with a date or a member give it up immediately. Block their messages and if for some reason they are a nuisance let the online dating site admin know by using their contact link.

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Dating Rules




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