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Steaming! with Recipes



Russell Hobbs 3501 Steamer with 3 Layers

60 minute timer and stackable facility for easy storage



Steaming is one of the healthiest ways to cook food and has the added benefits of retaining valuable nutrients, flavour and the colour of food. As a convenient and versatile alternative to saucepan steaming, the Russell Hobbs 3501 Steamer with 3 Layers has been introduced to the Classic White range of kitchen appliances and will quickly steam rice, vegetables, and seafood easily and efficiently to give you perfect results every time.

The Russell Hobbs (3501) Classic White Food Steamer, has a 9 litre capacity and includes three basket layers (with side handles) and a separate rice bowl. All are removable for easy cleaning and stackable for easy storage.

When steaming larger items, all the baskets have removable bases, allowing whole chickens and other bulky items to be steamed to perfection. For convenience, each base can be unclipped and added to the other baskets, creating a larger cooking area.

Should you ever need to top-up the steamer with water whilst in use, this can be done at the opening to the reservoir via the base unit handles, enabling you to steam for longer periods. A sixty-minute timer with auto switch-off and useful timer bell, allows recipes to be pre-set for precision cooking.

A separate juice collector fits into the base and collects the juices from the food, which is being steamed. These can be used in sauces, gravy, etc and a handy removable divider is included to allow different foods to be steamed in the same basket.

The Russell Hobbs (3501) Classic White Food Steamer includes an easy to read steaming guide for ease of use and also includes a cord-storage facility and neon indicator light.

Russell Hobbs 3501 Steamer with 3 layers, 60 minute timer and stackable facility for easy storage

Russell Hobbs 3501 Steamer with 3 layers, 60 minute timer and stackable facility for easy storage

Find out more about the Russell Hobbs 3501 Steamer with 3 layers now from Amazon...

and start eating healthy and nutritious meals straight from your Russell Hobbs  food steamer.

Steam cooking made simple


Before you move on, here's a handy inexpensive little book that will show you how to steam food like a professional.

Steaming! With recipes by Annette Yates is a brilliantly simple to follow guide for using any type of food steamer.

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