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Scientists Discover Acne Fighting Virus on Healthy Skin

New discovery reveals why healthy skin is acne free

At last, scientists have found a harmless virus thriving on healthy skin that actively seeks out and kills the P. acnes bacteria which cause acne breakouts for thousands of people.

This long awaited breakthrough in medical science will be welcomed all over the world. Over 90% of the population, it is estimated, will suffer from some form of acne at some time in their lives.

Laboratory testing so far has shown positive results and the scientists involved are confident that this new discovery will lead to an effective way of treating this painful and embarrassing skin condition.

Scientists Discover Acne Fighting Virus on Healthy Skin

According to Elaine Schmidt the scientists looked at two little microbes that share a big name: Propionibacterium acnes, a bacterium thriving in our pores that can trigger acne, and P. acnes phages, a family of viruses that live on human skin. The viruses are harmless to humans but are programmed to infect and kill the aforementioned P. acnes bacteria.

When P. acnes bacteria aggravate the immune system, it causes the swollen, red bumps associated with acne. Most effective treatments work by reducing the amount of P. acnes bacteria on the skin.


Why most treatments work the wrong way round

This new finding suggests that the medical profession has been looking at this the wrong way round.

Instead of reducing the amount of P. acnes bacteria we should be taking steps to increase the amount of P. acnes phages bacteria present so that acne is eradicated naturally.

Anyone who has tried numerous acne treatments will be aware that the most commonly used medications such as: benzoyl peroxide, antibiotics and Accutane are losing their effectiveness because the P. acnes bacteria are becoming immune to these treatments.

This is bad news for anyone who has acne prone skin.


Could this be a blessing in disguise?

Discovering that healthy skin already has a mechanism in place to fight and destroy acne before it takes hold shows us that our skin is capable of repairing itself it we create the right environment.

And unlike present medications, which will only work for a short time, naturally increasing the population of the P. acnes phages bacteria will have a knock on effect.

As your skin becomes healthier and healthier it will produce more and more of the acne fighting bacteria itself.


Healthy skin is the secret to being acne free

People with healthy skin don’t suffer from acne. This is because the P. acnes phages bacteria thrive on healthy skin and work as a defense mechanism.

If you want to improve the health of your skin right now and start fighting back against this embarrassing condition then simply follow these 5 rules:

Rule 1. Stop eating white bread, pasta, sugar, processed dairy products, white rice, pastry, cakes, biscuits, sweets and chocolate. These foods are processed and contain no nutritional value for your skin. Studies have shown that the typical western diet does aggravate acne and processed foods (also known as refined carbohydrates) cause an increase in the growth hormone “insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1).” An increase in IGF-1 has been shown to encourage acne growth.

Rule 2. Stop eating burgers, sausages, nuggets, pizza’s and pre-packaged meals. These foods contain high levels of fat, sugar, salt and chemicals to make them taste better.

Rule 3. Stop drinking sugary drinks such as soda and pop. One can of coke contains 39 grams of sugar and sugar is know to aggravate acne. According to Dr. Soram, when you eat a diet high in sugar, it causes your insulin levels to rise. These foods include highly processed foods, including junk food, which convert to sugar and cause surges of insulin in the blood stream. High levels of insulin create inflammation throughout the body. Since acne is an inflammatory disease of the skin, anything that increases inflammation should be avoided.

Rule 4. Always eat real, whole nutrient dense anti-inflammatory foods such as fresh vegetables, especially green leafy ones, fresh fruit such as apples, bananas and berries, lean meat, poultry and fish. Make sure you get regular quality sleep at night, keep physically active every day, manage stress, and spend plenty of time outdoors in natural daylight.

Rule 5. Drink plenty of water, if you don’t like the taste of pure water try adding fresh lemon slices to give it some flavour. Water helps to flush out impurities and helps to keep your skin healthy and clear.


Healthy acne free skin is built at cellular level

Although scientists have found the P. acnes phages bacteria living on healthy skin, their tests are not complete yet and it may take years before they are ready to release new products onto the market.

Even then, they are thinking more in terms of creating creams and lotions that contain the virus that can be applied externally to control outbreaks on acne prone skin.

This approach will work to some extent but unless you address the root cause, instead of trying to treat the effect, the creams will only work while you’re using them and you may even become dependent on them for the rest of your life in your attempt to keep and maintain clear, healthy looking skin.

This would be similar to trying to keep a pond stocked with healthy fish when the water has turned toxic. Topping up the pond everyday with new fish will not make the water any less toxic or keep the fish alive.

There’s a reason why P. acnes phages bacteria cannot survive on your skin much the same as there’s a reason why the fish cannot survive in the pond. Unless you address the root cause the effect will always be the same.

As we already know, the root cause is your skin isn’t healthy enough to create an environment the P. acnes phages bacteria can survive in. Applying a cream or lotion to fight acne for you may or may not work. The most important question to ask here is this: will it help to make your skin healthy?

The answer is: probably not because healthy skin is built at cellular level and not from medications applied to its surface.


How to have healthy acne free skin

Your skin needs help now. It looks dreadful and affects your self confidence. You can't find a product that suits your skin. The treatments you used to rely on aren't working anymore. And to top it all, your doctor tells you he's running out of options.

You want to find your own solution but you’re tired of searching for new things to try. And when you do find something effective it only works for a short time and then the whole cycle starts all over again.

You need to know what works consistently to promote clear healthy skin and how to get rid of your spots and pimples for good. And the answer to that question is healthy skin built from the inside.

But it takes more than avoiding known acne triggers to make this work in the real world.

You need to focus your attention on supplying your body with all the vital nutrients it needs to create healthy skin from the inside so that a colony of P. acnes phages bacteria can survive naturally on the surface of your skin.

What’s the smartest way to improve the quality of your skin?

Give your skin the nutrients it needs with a healthy diet. You can either take steps to improve your skin with healthy eating, or start taking a beauty supplement like this one, which is specifically designed to build healthy skin at cellular level, or you can take the holistic approach aimed at eliminating the root cause of your acne so you can regain your natural inner balance.

Addressing the root cause will bring you much closer to having clear acne free skin you can be proud of.

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