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Shampooing Hair

Shampooing hair is an important step in correct hair care.

Careless shampooing can cause unbelievable damage to your hair. This can be caused by either using the wrong type of shampoo for your hair type, or by using the right shampoo wrongly.

After wetting your hair thoroughly with warm water, use just a teaspoon of shampoo for a mild lathering.

Do not rub hard; the ends of long hair should be treated as though they are made from a delicate fabric. 


Only shampoo twice if your hair is very dirty.

Shampoos are extremely concentrated and if they are over used they can stimulate the oil glands to produce too much sebum and you will encourage oily hair.

Choose the right shampoo for your hair type.

Tests have shown that some of the protein molecules from enriched protein shampoos are absorbed into the hair shaft and feed the hair; the remaining molecules coat the strand temporarily and are washed away with the next shampoo. They can make your hair more manageable and it will appear slightly thicker.


Shampoo pH Value

Many products now make a reference on the label to pH value, which means a measure of the acidity or alkalinity. Hair is surrounded by a liquid mantle of moisture (from the atmosphere, perspiration, etc.) and it should be slightly acidic. Normal, healthy hair has a pH value of between 4.5 and 5.5.  When the pH value raises above 7 the outside layer covering the hair (cuticle) is raised and your hair will become tangled, dull or dry.

Certain alterations to hair – including coloring and perming – frequently leave an alkaline residue on your hair which makes it less resilient and can even cause breakage and splitting.

So the Ph value of a shampoo (or a rinse, or conditioner) can be very significant if you want to restore or maintain the natural acid-alkaline balance of your hair. A scale of numbers is used to define the acidity or alkalinity of any solution: 7 is neutral, 7 down to 0 is acidic, and 7 up to 14 is alkaline. Most shampoos have a pH range from 6 to 8 and are too alkaline for normal, healthy hair.

Finding the right shampoo for your hair type requires experimenting.

Make your decision based on how effectively the shampoo cleans your hair and how your hair behaves and feels.


Homemade Protein Hair Shampoos:


Egg Yolk Shampoo

Beat 2 egg yolks into a cup of warm water; massage into your scalp and hair for 5 minutes; leave to saturate your hair for 10 minutes. Rinse off – no other shampooing before or afterwards is necessary.


Egg and Brandy Shampoo

Beat 2 egg yolks into ½ cup of brandy and ½ cup of warm water; massage into your hair, leave to absorb for 10 minutes. Rinse off.


Oily Hair Wash

Beat 4 whole eggs, massage through hair; leave for 15 minutes; wash off well with water; then rinse with a mixture of a cup of rum with a cup of rose water.


Rinsing Hair

If you do not rinse your hair properly, you may as well not bother washing it at all. A water rinse is essential after every type of shampoo. Rinse three, four or more times until every particle of shampoo has been removed. The slightest residue of shampoo will leave your hair dull and sticky enough to attract dirt. The final rinse should be cool water, the colder you can stand it the better, particularly for oily heads as this will close the pores tight.

For dark hair, add a little vinegar to the last rinse and light hair will benefit from the addition of lemon juice to the final water. Both of these tips help to restore the acid covering of the hair and remove the last traces of shampoo.

Natural hair rinses with special effects are:

To add sheen to hair: boil parsley in water for 20 minutes, strain and use as a final rinse.

To add luster to dark hair: pour a pint of water over 2 tablespoons of rosemary, stand for 30 minutes, strain, add to final rinse.

To improve natural hair coloring: simmer a handful of nettles in a pint of water until soft; strain, add to final rinse. It also gives the hair body.

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