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Slendertone System Garment for Arms

Tone Arms With Slendertone System - Arms

Slendertone System Arms

 Slendertone System Garment - Arm (Slendertone System Controller Required)

Slendertone System Garment for Arms will help you tone arms the easy way, and you will soon feel confident wearing sleeveless dresses and strappy tops again.

Note: New Product Name - Slendertone System Female Arms Garment Accessory. Same great product.

Now you can have toned and defined arms without having to visit the gym.

You can use the Slendertone System Garment for Arms while relaxing in front of the television in the comfort of your own home, all you need to do to tone arms is use it 5 times a week for 20 minutes and you will see results after 30 days.

Slendertone System Controller

Slendertone System Garment for Arms does NOT include the hand-held controller, so you'll need to buy this as well, unless you’ve already purchased the Slendertone System Abs for Men or Women.

You can now buy the Slendertone System Controller separately to use with any of your Slendertone System Garments.

Slendertone Systems allows you to target different areas of your body with the same controller and achieve total body toning and body shaping.

Slendertone System Controller

Slendertone System Controller


Slenderton System plus Controller

Use one controller with any of your Slendertone System Garments.


Slendertone System Garment for Arms

In a recent user trial 89% of subjects reported their arms were toned and 72% reported that their arm muscles were firm.

If you’ve tried to tone arms with exercises for flabby arms then treat yourself to the Slendertone System Garment for Arms and watch your arms become toned and shapely in no time.

For maximum results follow Slendertone System's 30 day toning plan in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise.

Don’t forget, you need a Slendertone System Controller to operate this product, if you haven’t already got one you can purchase it at the same time.


Slendertone System Garment for Arms Features:

• 2 Garments - save time as you tone both arms at once

• Fully rechargeable

• Patented technology

• Clinically Proven

• 30 day toning plan

• 3 Toning programmes

• Warm up and cool down phases

• Up to 99 intensity levels

• Certified to medical safety standards

• 2 year product warranty

• Slendertone System Controller required to operate this Slendertone System garment


Slendertone System Garment for Arms Product Description:

Slendertone System is the first total body toning solution, using one interchangeable, rechargeable hand held control unit to power a range of sleek toning garments for different parts of the body including: arms, waist, stomach, bum and thighs.

It's the smarter, effective hassle free way to tone arms and your whole body with real results in 4 weeks. All Slendertone products are clinically proven and use patented technology.

Don't Work Out Hard - Work Smart

Get Slendertone System Garment For Arms From Amazon

Tone Arms the Smart Way With Slendertone System - Arms!

Free Delivery in the UK


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Slendertone System for Arms

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