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Swimming For Exercise

Swimming for exercise is an excellent way to tone up all over without putting any strain on your joints.

Swimming for Exercise

For this reason swimming for exercise is especially suitable for people who are unable to do regular land based exercise like running or jogging.

Also when you are swimming you will benefit from water therapy.

Water makes your body seem almost weightless, so no matter how large you are, or how unfit you are, you will be able to move your arms and legs easier because the water reduces your body weight to 20% of your normal weight.

This weightlessness virtually eliminates the potential risk of back, knee and other muscular injuries that are common in high impact land activities.

The water also adds resistance to your movements and the faster you move the more resistance you will get from the water.

Because water offers both buoyancy and resistance, swimming for exercise is the same as doing two forms of exercise at once. Even just raising and lowering your arms in water has the same toning effects as doing arm curls and arm presses, but the difference is you don’t have to go to a gym and use two separate machines.


Swimming For Fat Burning Exercise

Swimming for exercise burns fat at the rate of 790 calories per hour which makes it the most efficient of all the fat burning exercises including running, jogging and cycling.

The drawback is that whereas running, jogging and cycling produce intense heat and continue to burn calories even after you have stopped exercising, swimming does not.

The water keeps your body cool so you will only burn calories while you are swimming but if you are unable to do strenuous land exercises then swimming for exercise will be extremely beneficial for you.


Swimming For Exercise Benefits

Swimming for exercise is one of the fastest ways of improving your general strength, stamina, cardiovascular fitness, breathing and circulation.

Continual water pressure against the legs and arms, for example, assists your blood circulation by exerting muscle pressure on your veins which helps in returning blood to the heart and lungs. Regular swimming will lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

These benefits alone will greatly reduce the risk of you suffering from heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Swimming also reduces the risk of breast cancer, osteoporosis, and miscarriage.

Pregnant women in particular find swimming an effective way of keeping fit because the buoyancy helps them exercise further into their term whereas most land exercises would be impossible for them.

Recent researchers have concluded that pregnant women who swim suffer 75% less miscarriages or stillbirths compared with those who jogged or didn't exercise at all.

Swimming can also increase bone mass in older women thereby reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

Because the heart is not over worked while swimming yet your body still uses more oxygen the blood flow to your heart and lungs becomes super efficient which greatly improves your cardiovascular system.

The over all body toning benefits of swimming for exercise include improved posture, muscle strength, flexibility and endurance as well as weight loss through efficient fat burning.


Swimming For Exercise All Year Round

With the benefit of heated swimming baths, swimming is a year round activity for you to keep fit whether you swim in the sea in the summer or at the local swimming baths during the colder months.

It’s also an activity that can involve the whole family so you can all keep fit at the same time. From a recreational point of view, children love splashing about and playing in the water so a day at the beach or baths can be a fun time for everyone.

Many swimming baths run special exercise sessions where you can join like minded people and also have the benefit of an instructor to help you learn specific exercises for all over body toning.

Swimming for exercise in a group workout environment, whether water aerobics or a master's swim practice, is a great social opportunity too. Meeting new people, being mildly competitive and sharing the exercises will make for a more fun and enjoyable experience.


Swimming For Exercise Is Therapeutic

Swimming is good for relaxing the mind as well; you can swim quietly on your own using little or no effort. When used as a gentle exercise swimming can give you a sense of wellbeing by focusing your mind on what you are doing and is a form of meditation. Empty your mind of everything except your swimming strokes and let the therapeutic water soothe away your troubles.

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