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Totally Toned Arms in 21 Days

How to Have Totally Toned Arms Like Michelle Obama in 21 Days

Is there a woman alive who doesn’t want totally toned arms?

If you’re like most women then you would give anything to know the magic formula behind Michelle Obama’s incredibly toned and sexy arms. Read on because you're about to discover her secrets.

People everywhere are buzzing with speculation over her stunning arms and asking how on earth does she do it?

Even at the Presidential Inauguration, much of the talk was about Michelle's amazing arms.

How to Have Totally Toned Arms Like Michelle Obama

But this is not just about Michelle Obama, since Media outlets from GMA to CNN to MSNBC covered the story, women everywhere have been inspired, because now they have realized it is possible to have totally toned arms that other women would happily die for.

Personal trainers everywhere are being asked the same question, "How do I get totally toned arms like Michelle Obama?"

Certified personal trainer Rylan Duggan, creator of the successful e-book series Go Sleeveless, constantly gets calls from clients and reporters asking for the training secrets behind Michelle's arms. Rylan Duggan is the expert quoted in much of this coverage, and in 'Totally Toned Arms in 21 Days', he reveals his 21-day program to get those sleek and sexy arms for yourself.


Totally Toned Arms: Get Michelle Obama Arms in 21 Days (Paperback)

Rylan Duggan's paperback book is low-priced and extremely affordable for every woman.

Here, Rylan Duggan reveals the program (combining strength training and cardio) including a 7-day jumpstart maintenance plan, and essential diet secrets designed to shed fat and reveal toned muscle, plus 50-60 black and white photos throughout to illustrate.

This is a simple program that every woman can do, no matter what your fitness level, at home and with little equipment.

With this series of 25 easy exercises, anyone can have the famous Michelle Obama arms in just three weeks and that includes you.

Totally Toned Arms in 21 Days Paperback Book

Rylan Duggan says: "Obama's arms are popular because she's not too skinny and she's not overly muscled. She's lean and toned yet still feminine."


Tone Up Flabby Arms Fast

So if you’ve been wondering how to tone up flabby arms then look no further because Rylan Duggan will take you by the hand and lead you, step by step, to having totally toned arms in 21 days.

Just think, 3 weeks from now you could have arms to be really proud of. You will be able to wear anything with a new confidence, from strappy dresses to sleeveless tops.

No more hiding behind long sleeves or baggy clothes.

Totally Toned Arms

If you've already spent weeks or even months trying to tone up flabby arms with little or no success then you already know how difficult it can be and you need to read Rylan's book, 'Totally Toned Arms in 21 Days', because without it you will never see any difference. Rylan will share with you the techniques needed to produce beautifully toned arms in the shortest possible time.

Just think, no more embarrassing flabby arms. You'll be able to wear anything without having to worry about how your arms look. From sleeveless tops to strappy dresses, getting your arms out on show will never be a problem again.

When you have lean toned arms you will feel good in anything you wear. You won't have to cover up in hot weather, no more long sleeved tops and dresses, instead you'll be able to wear clothes designed to show off your beautiful firm arms.

From beach wear to evening wear, casual to smart you will want to show off your new sexy arms.

Think about having sexy toned arms for a moment. You'll be the envy of other women, you'll look and feel hot, and you'll look years younger too.


Now You Can Tone Up Flabby Arms in 3 Weeks

This paperback book makes toned and sexy arms achievable for every woman and you don't need an expensive personal trainer to get arms like Michelle Obama.

What would having lean toned arms mean to you?

Would it give you back the confidence to wear the type of clothes you really want to wear?

Would it make you feel sexy and attractive again?

Imagine not having to sit in the shade anymore because you find the sun too hot wearing long sleeves. Instead you can move about with confidence anywhere you want to go knowing that the people staring at your arms are doing this because they are amazed at your totally toned arms.

And that, is a great feeling to have.


Totally Toned Arms in 21 Days Video



Where to Buy Totally Toned Arms in 21 Days

You can order Totally Toned Arms in 21 Days from either or depending on where you live.

Order your book now from by clicking this link:

Totally Toned Arms: Get Michelle Obama Arms in 21 Days

RRP: £10.99
£9.89 & this item Delivered FREE in the UK with Super Saver Delivery.

You Save: £1.10 (10%) 


Order your book now from by clicking this link:

Totally Toned Arms: Get Michelle Obama Arms in 21 Days

List Price: $12.99
$11.04 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25.

You Save: $1.95 (15%)

* USA Only: Kindle Version

Totally Toned Arms - Get Michelle Obama Arms in 21 Days {Kindle Version}


You can trust Rylan Duggan to deliver results.

Rylan Duggan RK, BHK, CSCS, NSCA-CPT, is the creator of the Go Sleeveless! blog and e-book series.

Coach Rylan, ‘The Natural Plastic Surgeon’, is a world renowned fitness expert specializing in fat loss and body sculpting with a unique but simple mantra…

Rylan’s ‘less is more’ approach and his reputation for delivering quick and incredible results have earned him international acclaim.

Totally Toned Arms author Rylan Duggan featured on CNN

With extensive formal training, including a university degree in human kinetics (sports medicine), a proven track record of delivering results with over a thousand clients served, and numerous post graduate certifications from the world’s most elite health and fitness organizations, it is no wonder that Rylan is referred to as the ‘Go To Guy’ when you simply must change your body.

Rylan Duggan is widely quoted in the "Obama arms" press. He lives in British Columbia.

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