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Trilogy Rosehip Oil

Trilogy Rosehip Oil is Natures answer to perfect skin

Trilogy Rosehip Oil could be nature’s answer to perfect skin and is recommended for plumping, rejuvenating and smoothing.

Also recognized for its ability to cure acne, repair acne scarring, reduce stretch marks and repair sun damage it’s no wonder that Trilogy Rosehip Oil is considered to be one of natures little miracles.

You can use Trilogy Rosehip Oil as an anti aging night treatment or a moisturiser for dry and mature skin. It is suitable for delicate areas such as the skin surrounding your eyes, your neck and also as a lip repair treatment.

In addition to healing scar tissue and sun damaged skin Trilogy Rosehip Oil also helps to prevent, and diminish the appearance of, broken capillaries.

Trilogy Rosehip Oil is 100% organic and is extracted from the seeds and fruit of rosehips, obtained from a certified organic source in the mountainous regions of Chile.

It is extracted using a solvent-free process to preserve its natural goodness and to protect the combination of 80% essential fatty acids and nutrients that make trilogy rosehip oil the purest premium rosehip oil available.

Rose Hips hanging on a rose bush

Respected and endorsed by dermatologists and therapists world-wide, Trilogy Rosehip Oil is a unique oil containing the nutrients and essential fatty acids that are vital for perfect skin health and a glowing complexion.

This super-fine oil absorbs instantly, allowing the skin to breathe while it works to help prevent the signs of premature aging and assist skin growth and repair, smoothes fine lines and restores the skin's moisture balance.


Trilogy Rosehip Oil Description

Trilogy Rosehip Oil is unlike any facial oil you've ever tried.

It’s lightweight, non-greasy consistency is extremely effective, and all you need is a few golden drops massaged into your skin and this incredible oil will work wonders.

The secret is its rich source of essential fatty acids and natural antioxidants, therefore your skin's optimum health is restored with a visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, and an increase in moisture retention and healthy skin with a radiant glow. 


How Trilogy Rosehip Oil Works

Trilogy Rosehip oil is rich in skin-loving nutrients to improve your overall skin condition.

  • Omega 3 and Omega 6 Essential Fatty Acids: vital lipid compounds that moisturise dry skin and improve skin softness and elasticity. Essential Fatty Acids are vital for the health of our skin; however, our body is not able to reproduce them.

  • Beta-carotene and Lycopene: key nutrients for maintaining healthy skin and assisting in skin cell renewal and repair. Helps to repair skin suffering from the effects of sun damage and lifestyle stresses.

The lipids found in Trilogy Rosehip Oil are similar to those found in your skin; therefore, it absorbs easily, leaving no oily residue.

Independent clinical studies undertaken by a prominent Australian research laboratory show Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil helps improve the visible appearance of: scars by 41%, stretch marks by 43% and wrinkles by 23%.


Trilogy Rosehip Oil Effects

With twice-daily use, Trilogy Rosehip Oil was shown to have a measurably positive effect on fine lines, wrinkles and skin moisturization after eight weeks of use. A significant reduction in skin roughness was also observed.

  • 44% improvement in skin moisture

  • 23% improvement in fine lines and wrinkles

  • 21% smoother skin

Rosehip Oil replenishes dull or tired skin; helps to repair damaged skin and reduces the visible signs of aging such as wrinkles and pigmentation. Trilogy Rosehip Oil can also help heal scarring associated with acne, surgery and minor burns.

Trilogy Rosehip Oil contains 80% essential fatty acids which aid the repair and regeneration of damaged skin tissue and the powerful antioxidants beta-carotene and lycopene protect your skin against the damaging effects of free radicals.


Trilogy Rosehip Oil - Unique Benefits

All skin types will benefit from using this unique oil; however Trilogy Rosehip Oil is endorsed and respected by medical professionals and dermatologists particularly for its ability to help reduce the visible effects of pigmentation, scar tissue and sun damaged skin.

Here’s how Trilogy Rosehip Oil can help you: 

  • Helps heal scarring resulting from minor burns, surgery and sunburn.

  • Helps heal scarring associated with acne and chicken pox.

  • Safe to use for babies (relieves symptoms of baby rash)

  • Safe to use for pregnant women (helps reduce appearance of stretch marks)

  • Helps reduce appearance of stretch marks resulting from weight rapidly gained or lost.

  • Relieves symptoms of eczema and dermatitis.

  • Rehydrates dry or very dry skin.

  • Helps even skin tone and revitalize dull or tired skin.

  • A nourishing and moisturizing after sun treatment.

  • Balances oily/combination skin

  • Soothes sensitized skin

  • Smoothes wrinkles and reduces the sign of aging.

  • Rosehip Oil can be used on your face and body.

Trilogy Rosehip Oil is free from: Parabens, artificial colors or fragrances, mineral oils, sulfates, detergents, synthetic fillers, lanolin, petrochemicals or propylene glycol.


How to use Trilogy Rosehip Oil

On Your Face

For best results apply twice daily for a minimum of twelve weeks.

  • Apply 2–3 drops of Rosehip oil into the palm of your hand.

  • Using fingertips, gently massage Rosehip oil into your face, neck and décolletage until absorbed.

  • Apply moisturiser, SPF and makeup products if desired.

On Your Body

For best results apply twice daily for a minimum of twelve weeks.

  • Apply 2–3 drops of Rosehip oil into the palm of your hand.

  • Using fingertips, gently massage Rosehip oil into your body until absorbed.

  • Apply body lotion if desired.

On Scars

For best results apply twice daily for a minimum of twelve weeks.

  • Trilogy Rosehip Oil should only be applied to scars once the wound is healed.

  • Never apply Rosehip oil to broken skin.


Trilogy Rosehip Oil Reviews

Triology Rosehip OIL (FAB !!)

I must have used every moisteriser known to man as I have dry skin. I was casually reading that some celebs used oil on their faces and that it was becoming a trend. Well when I looked at some of the oils on offer (out of interest) they were very expensive indeed. Then I spotted Trilogy - the cheapest at a very low £14.95 or thereabouts. The reviews for this product were so good I thought Id try it for myself. The result- I will never go back to ordinary creams again. I use it in the morning on cleansed skin, then I apply a little SP factor 15 on the top to finish off. My skin has never looked so radiant and I’ve had comments from a few people. I’ve only been using it for a month. My advice for dry skin types is buy this product its great.

By professional girl "No 10 or bust" (England) 


Excellent for all skin types. Your skin will thank you.

There are many rosehip oils out there, some of which are more costly and some of which are cheaper, but Trilogy's is good value for money. There has been a huge revival in the use of oils on the face, as opposed to creams, and there is a lot of evidence to back up its effectiveness. Oils are absorbed by the skin very well and many have a natural affinity. I have always used them at night, ever since I was in my teens and whilst they haven't turned me into Angelina Jolie (possibly just as well as I'm not overly keen on Brad's current moustache), my skin is much younger than it's age. Given that I spent a great deal of my teens and twenties cooking myself under the sun in vinegar and oil (makes you very brown but you smell like a chip factory), that's not bad. I also used oil based cleansers such as Burts Bees Orange Cleanser and then a hot flannel to take it off with. I always put the oil onto damp skin at night and that does make a difference: it sinks in faster and makes the skin softer. You need very little. You can also put a bit more on your face before you have a warm bath, pop a flannel over the top, and let the heat and moisture help it sink in.

This oil is also very good for softening scars, sunburn and the like. I also mix it with other oils to make an incredibly potent mixture which you pay a fortune for with certain companies. Other oils which combine very well with it are pomegranate, raspberry seed, nigella, passionflower and strawberry. If you want your skin to have a helping hand then do buy this.

By R. Griffiths (UK)


Amazing stuff...

I've been buying Rosa Mosqueta oil and it's nice, but I thought I'd give this rosehip oil a go. 
I have a long-standing white lump in the middle of my cheek, which is basically a whitehead, but as I'm middle-aged, I think I'm a bit old for them. 
I noticed that my skin was instantly moisturised and this effect lasted for the whole day. Then I noticed that the blocked pore was pinker, so I rubbed it a little and by the next morning the whitehead was much smaller and a scab had formed. 
Three days later, it's a tiny lump and improving each day. 
My skin looks great. My skin tone is even and I think my three thread veins are improving as well.

I mix a few drops in with Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream and this makes the hydrating effect last even longer.

Trilogy Rosehip Oil is wonderful.

By K. Roberts "mrsestitz" (Galicia, Spain,)


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Buy Trilogy Rosehip Oil from Anywhere In The World:

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